Best Guess at 2019 PGA Schedule


Legit question as ive barely been to Charlotte- what other courses rival QH for Best in Town?


Charlotte country club, Myers Park, Carolina Golf Club, Carmel


I have always thought it would be cool to have a PGA tour event set up similar to the NCAA national championship. Each team would consist of 5 pros. The team score is the best 4 scores for that round (the team would drop the worst score). Have 2 rounds of stroke play qualifying then make a cut to the top 8 teams for a match play bracket portion for the weekend rounds of the tournament. The pros could put together their own teams, but I am sure that there would be some sponsor influence. For example, there could be team Taylormade and get 5 Taylormade guys together, or guys that went to the same college, etc. I think this would be unique because it would be different than anything else throughout the season and would be great for some of the struggling tournaments to attract some big names. It would also make for some compelling TV and give us golf fans the team aspect that we all love!


I’m all in on more team-based events.


WGC Memphis confirmed in August.


I know Firestone is a pretty polarizing course but it always felt like a big event (maybe because big cat dominated it for so long). I just can’t get onboard with them taking a C list event, giving it a prime spot on the calendar, and trying to convince us it’s a big event.


Four days of golf in Memphis in August? Walking? In slacks?

Concerned that some of these golfers are going to catch the vapors.

Gonna need drones ferrying out cold towels to poor Kiradech.


So if Memphis is moving to the beginning of August, who gets the spot the week before the US OPEN? With Valero moving to the week before the Masters, who gets their spot? I’m assuming the PGA gets the slot vacated by the Players.


article specifically says tournament confirmed by Big SubPrime for 4 year deal at Detroit Golf Club with QL as title sponsor

June 27-30, so it looks to be directly replacing DC


Surprised to say it, but the schedule looks…reasonable? Putting Mexico before the Florida swing? Adding the Great Lakes region in the heat of summer instead of DC? Finishing up the schedule before football kicks off?

There’s still too much Texas, Memphis in August will be a disaster, and the Canadian Open gets shafted, but overall this looks like a step in the right direction.


Not bad. Hard to understand why they couldn’t figure out a way to make Colonial and Trinity Forest back-to-back – a trip to Bethpage in between makes it unlikely you will get any top players to play both. Also, I might have set up the Boston/NY alternating schedule to start with Boston, given that NY already has a major next year and Boston will have the US Open in 2022, but of course NY also has a US Open in 2020 and 2026, PGA in 2022, and Ryder Cup in 2024. The WGC after Her Majesty’s UK British Open seems likely to be missing some top players. Nice Midwest swing. Canada ought to be lining up their Open for the same coast at the US Americans going forward.


Overall I Love it!


  • I like how they did West coast - > Mexico --> Honda (no shocker but glad they did it) and glad they put API before TPC and Valspar after (Sorry Valspar).
  • so stupid that San Antonio will live on and now be before the Masters. They HATE that course.
  • Surprises include the Canadian Open moving to early June. Im happy to see. I want this tourney to get a better field. Will be interesting to see if by chance they get super cold temps in early June. That was the only major surprise
  • Glad to see Detroit and Minnesota getting tourneys. That was much needed (over places like Texas). That said, this will be the obvious “vacay” time on the tour schedule for all the elite players who will need a hard earned, mid-summer break.
  • Memphis is gonna be hot as hell.
  • and of course, the best part is just that its condensed and will end before football season. This is really going to help to make the Tour Championship the big deal it SHOULD BE. The Tour Championship should be the real 5th Major, and this is a big step towards that.


Lots to unpack here.

The good?

  • Season finished before football.
  • West Coast, Mexico, Florida all in proper order. Florida swing gets completed all in one swoop.
  • Great Lakes swing looks awesome.
  • Hiding Valero right before the Masters. The tourney should just go away but this might be the best place for it in the meantime.

The bad?

  • The Byron Nelson is getting the shaft being right before the PGA. Texas events still don’t fit well at all.
  • WGC in Memphis directly after UK British Open seems problematic, all things considered. Guys will still show up because it’s easy money and world ranking points, but it might not be the competitive tourney FedEx is hoping for.

The unknown?

  • The stretch from Pebble in early February to the Masters in early April is jammed with tourneys that usually get plenty of big names. If you are a top player, how do you navigate that?


Big (if you are pro golf nerd) questions remain:

-Will Ryder Cup/President’s Cup move up to be closer to Tour Champ?
-How will Europe counter-schedule? I believe BMW PGA is already locked in for September, what of the other Rolex Series events?
-Will Greenbrier and Houston be additions to the fall 2019 schedule (i.e. late September), or are events like Sanderson Farms/Shriners/Safeway in danger?


Canada - temps in early June will be fine, will see sweaters in the morning but short sleeves by mid-morning unless you get unseasonable temps. Lets just hope they start getting the courses to better venues in Canada.


The 2020 Olympics are in Japan from July 24 to Aug 9th, 2020

I def get the vibe that all the big guns wants to/plan to play in the Olympics in 2020 in Toyko. It will be interesting to see how the tour adjust for that.


Answer to my own question RE the Olympics in 2020.

  • Labor day is late in 2020… they will have time to build in a cushion and allow for a 3 week gap between the Open Championship and the 1st round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and that 3 weeks will allow for someof the players to go over to Japan and compete and still be back for the FedEx Cup.


Greenbrier is moving to the fall series in 2019. Houston will also if the sponsorship issues get worked out.


This is a welcome improvement from the current schedule. It’s impossible to make it perfect but at least it seems thoughtful. I really like that there’s a major in four straight months. Should help with the Post-Masters Depression.

Shoutout to the major venues next year: Augusta (obviously), Bethpage, Pebble and Royal Portrush is strong.


All the Texas events should be in the fall.