Best Guess at 2019 PGA Schedule


Agreed. I am all for using the northern states in June, July and August.
Thats why is kind of annoys me that a Memphis is going to hold a WGC in August? Really? At like TPC BealeStreet? Sweet.
I understand the Wydham is a good tournament and alll… but Greensboro in August?


It’s even looking like the regular stop in the largest market is going to rotate with the ninth largest market. Granted, New York is booked for a major or Ryder Cup most years from now to 2024, but it is clear that sponsorship is driving locations more than population. Of the Top 10 DMAs, only LA, DFW, and Atlanta are likely to have an event every year. DC and Philly may be shut out entirely.


Well looks like Firestone is offcially losing its WGC next year. I wonder what will take the spot of the St Jude since that’ll be the WGC in August now.


If I had to guess, it’ll be another B list event as Memphis was always the week before the US OPEN. I want to say it’s been sandwiched between Memorial and US OPEN. I don’t hate the idea of moving Tiger’s event that has between Philly and DC to that slot for logistical purposes. That is, of course, if that event stays on the calendar. If they end up delivering an event to the Detroit/Minnesota area, it seems like somewhat of an unfair spot on the calendar.


Since they are compressing the schedule a bit, I don’t think there is an event “replacing it” on the schedule. The Detroit/Minnesota event will likely be a replacement of the Houston or D.C. events that don’t have sponsors for the future.


could be wrong but I thought I heard/read that the 2019 tour championship is going to be at Aronomink in Philly. Not sure if I prefer the tour championship to be at the same place every year or rotate.

another idea too, the open week before the Masters, have a tourney at east lake the week before the Masters.


love this idea! you make the WGC’s and actually world thing and you keep the euro swing momentum that has developed over the past few years. heck, make either the Irish or Scottish into the WGC.


That presents a sponsorship problem with Coke.


I like this idea, but I think it would throw the Irish - Scottish - Open three week stretch out of whack. Let me propose a different international stretch.

What I would like to see is a WGC in Australia. Yes, I know its not a new take, but with the World Cup of Golf there this year, it is starting to make more and more sense. Some guys like playing in the Australian Open, Australian Masters, or the Australian PGA, so what if you threw in a WGC event in the mix with the World Cup of Golf. There would probably be a break week in the middle, so it would be a month and a half to showcase Australian golf! I think it’s a smart way to lure the pros to play at least a couple of the Aussie events!


The root problem is we have only four WGC’s so the tours would have to be okay with addling a fifth since I can’t imagine Mexico being moved again or Match Play leaving Austin soon. And the tour seems to like having a WGC in China for good reason.


I think it’s almost a foregone conclusion Houston is gone. No title sponsor, plus it loses it’s spot before the Master’s. Colonial will stay purely because the golf course is superb and it’s never a bad tournament. Plus with a brand new course for the Byron Nelson, you will most likely have even more players playing both tournaments.


Moving the Canadian Open to the week before the Us Open (where st Jude was) seems like it could work. I’m hoping our local event (Wells Fargo) stays around.


That would be a logical thing to think about the DFW tournaments, until you see the schedule when it comes out. Rumor has it that the PGA Championship is going to get squeezed in between the weeks of Colonial and Byron Nelson. That makes zero sense in my mind, but the PGA Tour has no problem doing dumb shit in the name of scheduling (ex. WGC in Memphis in August).


Is Quail Hollow in jeopardy?


That would make zero sense to just about everyone. Those two stops are 45 minutes apart, tops. They’re two solid courses (although Trinity Forest has yet to see the big guns) and most pros generally love the DFW area.


Hoping it isnt. but it’s rumored the membership would rather the random major/team event to the WFC every year. It’s in that slot on the schedule that could be affected.


If they moved Houston a few weeks earlier and they moved it to Bluejack, it would be a popular Masters warm up. As it sits though, Houston is definitely the Texas tournament that’s getting axed.


Moving it to Bluejack would be nice. Could have Big Cat host (like The National).


I’ve heard the same thing about Wells Fargo @ Quial Hallow. And I can totally understand where they are coming from. Their course is good enough to host majors, Ryder Cups and big events… so why put themselves through all the hoopla every May for a regular tour stop. I am sure the course is closed down much of April… fairways narrowed, rough grown up, etc… and thats prime golf season and the members are sick of it.


Living in Columbia, I volunteer a few days every year at the Wells Fargo. I was pumped when I heard the President’s Cup was headed there in 21. I was hoping after the PGA last August, the club and city of Charlotte had proved enough to the PGA to get Awarded the 2028 Ryder Cup that went to Hazeltine. I’m hoping that Charlotte doesn’t lose the event all together as I think Wells Fargo/Wachovia has been a great sponsor for that event. There are plenty of people in Charlotte that will tell you that QH isn’t even the best course in town, but it’s the only one that can accommodate the TV set-up, hospitality tents, spectators.