Best Golf Movie of All-Time


What’s your favorite golf movie of all-time? There are no wrong answers, but there is a right answer for sure. Tin Cup.


Caddyshack hands down (might be cliche but who cares). Tin Cup is 2nd for me


Tin Cup 1st for me…Caddyshack 2nd. Wish they would do some more movies though.


Tin Cup, if for no other reason it gave us the line of “shooting chili peppers up Lee Janzen’s ass” (or some such)


Happy Gilmore is the best, most quotable one IMO

here’s a sub-question

which golf movie has the most cringey bad golf swings?


No love for The Squeeze?


The Legend of Bagger Vance


since no has mentioned it The Greatest Game Ever Played


Legend of Bagger Vance, while a great movie, has some of the worst golf shots in cinematic history


Holy Crap, The Squeeze is a tough watch. I have caught sections of it on Golf Channel, but never could stomach more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

I would have to think that at some point, the life and story of Tiger is going to be a major motion picture. It has to be, especially if he wins again.


Happy Gilmore. After a few watches, I stopped laughing at the scenes of Caddyshack. I laugh at least one thing every time I watch Happy Gilmore. And since hockey is the next best sport to golf, it appeals to both those passions of mine.


No love for Dead Solid Perfect? (

I remember watching it as a kid, and even at my tender age getting very angry that the caddy was standing in the bunker with the bag while his golfer hit a shot. It’s laughably bad, and Randy Quaid also did Caddyshack II. Golf movies may have been the beginning of his downward spiral actually.


The real silent killer is definitely Seven Days in Utopia with Robert Duvall and Lucas Black.


does the hammer x infomercial count?


Anyone see Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius? Jim Caviezel plays Jones. Very underrated.


Don’t forget about T.K. Oh. Incredible performance by that actor.


15% on rotten tomatoes is a travesty. K.J. Choi was snubbed at the Oscars for his performance.

Fact of the matter is golf movies are best as comedies. Tin Cup and Caddyshack are in a league of their own.


If we’re including documentaries here, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Short Game” on Netflix, if only for the GOAT helicopter/overbearing parent Andre Avery.


Gilmore, Happy. Hands down for me.


Does anybody know where one can go about watching Dead Solid Perfect. I have heard good things but can’t find it anywhere besides VHS on ebay.