Best Golf Commercial


Who knew that commercial would foreshadow Tigers thanksgiving in 09?


Worst commercial - WGC promos on PGA Tour Live. Might cause me to cancel my subscription. That song is going to be the end of me.


FJ Signboy are classic, especially the ones with Lumpy in 'em. Also, shout out to Phil’s Crown Plaza commercials. Couldn’t find it on YouTube but the one where he has Bones finish the sentence, “When I feel like breaking something…” (“How about par.”) is my fav. This one good, too:


Its up for debate if these are actually “outakes” but Sneds and Kuch had me laughing on this one…


That was the joke…


LEGENDARY comment, Blewett.


I especially enjoy the woman who claims " I hit it a little heavy with the square strike , but it wasn’t chunky at all "!



I have a friend that absolutely hates the new commercial with the little girl that writes the letter to Arnie and ends up meeting Annika. Hates it, texts me every time it comes on to voice is disgust with it. He has no soul though…


She is awesome and I have absolutely no idea what it means. I’ve actually spent some time thinking about it.

Does she mean that when I use the square strike I tend to hit it fat but not chunk it? (Not really a great recommendation in my opinion). Or perhaps she means that when she hits it fat the Square Strike’s unique characteristics cause it to not “chunk”, again, not exactly a rave review. What if I said - when I hit it off the hozel it only goes 40 yards right as opposed to the 60 yards right with my old Calloway irons - not exactly the game improvement play I’m looking for.


Your friend is pure evil, you should stay away from him. That girl is pure gold when she sees Anika - and then again when she pure strikes an iron in front of her hero. Stay Gold Pony Boy.


Always get a laugh from the Revolution Golf commercials. NEED this squad to pair up with the PXG troops. Ultimate fighting force


I get a kick out of this one too. They’re all walking up like they NEED you to take their advice. All 6 of them will save you. And by all means, take advice from all of them, because that’s always a good idea.


Chills…every damn time!


I guess it’s not a true commercial but I always liked this one…


The Nike “Never” commercial with Earl Woods talking about Tiger’s mental game has always been my favorite. Gives me chills every time.


ha ha ha I thought the same thing. Pipe down eye shadow.


It’s gotta be Nike’s “Enjoy The Chase” with Rory. Basically because it makes me feel better about myself grinding away trying to get better day after day just like Rory, except one of us is extremely talented, successful, rich, young, and accomplished - and the other just dummied four breakfast burritos.


Here’s another “not really a golf commercial” but it still gets me laughing every time I see it!

Rory vs. the Robot


Go Get Em Joe


I don’t remember that, but it’s a delight