Best Golf Commercial


What’s the best golf commercial, and why is it this one?

In all seriousness, seeing Tiger back is making me revisit some of his old Nike spots on youtube. Which was your favorite, and are there any good ads featuring the younger guys from the last year or two?


Nothing beats the MasterCard commercials with Sneds, G-Mac, Poults and Tom Watson from a few years back.


The frank head cover commericals are classic!


I always loved this FedEx one:

Also, there was a commercial a while back that had all these amateurs hitting into the water, bunkers, etc and while they kept saying things like “thats in the beach”, “that’s wet”, “that’s in the drink” and many other golf sayings…but i have scoured the internet for it and can never find it. i don’t even remember what the commercial was for. i felt like it was a USGA, PGA of America or some sort of golf organization commercial about getting out and playing.


Rory’s “Ripple” Nike commercial is by far the best.


The old Foot-Joy Sign-Boy ads


Nike has made some amazing spots over the years, but I’ve always been partial to this one…


the Nike Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows ad when Tiger was gone with the knee surgery was really good


Rolex is always pure class.


EA Sports: Tiger walks on water.


Is that Paul Giamatti?


Have also always loved Golf Channel’s Live From The Masters Commercial. Hits me right in the feels and gets me so pumped for the tournament.


I can’t believe no one has mentioned the “Square Strike” wedge ads.

“You can’t chunk it out with the square strike.”

“If you have trouble chunking your chips.”

Makes me laugh every single time. I actually stop what I’m doing to listen to the lame quotes and the to see the geezer hole out the chip. Unintentionally one of the great golf ads of all time.


Those were great! Still to this day, anytime I see Camilo Villegas, I think of sign-boy calling him “Carmelo Villages”…


No Cup is Safe featuring Rory and Tiger


It’s not really a golf commercial, but I love the old Etrade Commercials with the toddlers talking–in particular Shankapotomus!


Haha I forgot about that one, that whole commercial series was really good.


Hall of Fame – Omega


This might not be the best golf commercial ever, there are sooo many and I’ll reply when I’m not in a seminar. However, here’s an example of a commercial that I fee was wildly underrated.

Duval tried Tiger’s new driver


NO. BAD. [swats with newspaper]