"Best" Day of Golf - Tug Those Heart Strings

Listening to Part 1 of the Oregon Pod, I was struck at how much the guys talked about the non-golf related elements that made the trip special. I found a few different threads for Best round ever, best shots ever, etc. but couldn’t find anything on the forum about the most meaningful days of golf we’ve all had.

So, let’s hear the Hallmark stories. What’s one day on the course that you wouldn’t trade for all the rest?

Personally, mine was about three years back. My dad had never left the US before, and I surprised him Christmas 2016 with a 10 day trip to see the Open Championship and then play golf around Scotland. When I gifted the trip, exactly 0% of the logistics were ironed out. In fact, I spent our first layover in July booking golf (I do not recommend waiting that long).

We got their no problem, spent Saturday & Sunday at Birkdale, and then headed north to base out of Edinburgh. The trip really couldn’t have gone better logistics-wise, but the last day was something pretty f*cking special when I look back.

We had gone 0-3 on the Old Course lottery so far, and decided we’d camp out. I’d done this once before so I knew what I was getting into, but was a little concerned my dad wouldn’t get the same thrill. Got to the Caddie Pavilion around 10 PM and were naturally the first ones there. We knew all night that we’d safely get on, but it looked like we’d have to bump down the tee sheet to find the first slot for two singles. Lo and behold, the first group of the day cancelled just as the clubhouse was opening, and all of a sudden we were first off. Now, I’ve played the Old before very early in the morning, but having first tracks out there really takes things up a notch. We both played well-enough, and were sitting down for breakfast in the clubhouse by about 10 AM.

After a quick nap, we decided to walk back into town and see about a second 18 since we’d already paid for one more round.

It was around this time that the day went from pretty cool, to statistically bonkers. We get out by ourselves on the New Course and there is nobody around. Making the turn, some rain started to move in but was staying back near the R&A. Well, on 15 we looked up and the Town was draped in a double rainbow. Looking back, it’s kind of incredible how many random things had to fall into place for that day to happen.

FWIW, we both shot a top-5 career score that afternoon too, but the play is secondary.

Tl;dr I played the Old and the New on the same day with my dad while a 2x rainbow framed the Auld Grey Toon. Not sure it’ll ever get better than that.


My story is no where near as cool as that but I have the day off today and can share a story that means a lot to me in my very “young” obsession with the game. (I have been fully addicted since 2017, but got into the game in ‘16)

For a large portion of my life, my Dad tried to get me interested in the game of golf but I just didn’t care for it. Between hockey and skateboarding I had no desire to do anything related to golf at all.

Since that time, my Dad has all but given up on golf himself and delved deep into his other hobbies of fishing, hunting, and sporting clays.

Now fast forward to June of this year. It was the 3rd annual Red VS Blue Cup (a Ryder Cup style match play weekend) and my Dad said he would play with us this year. After the first day of play (fourball and Greensomes) he commented on how impressed he was with the event and that he was having a great time.

The next day he and I rode together on the final day of the tournament during Sunday singles.

My Dad and I had not ridden in a cart together much less played golf together in over two years. My game has gotten better over that time (don’t get me wrong, my game is nothing special at all. Currently a 15.0 GHIN) and being able to play with him by my side was something special.

There was acknowledgment of good shots throughout the round as well as him commenting on how he was impressed with how calm I was when I was down in my match meant a lot to me (I lost 3&1 to one of my best friends) and overall I played well for my personal standards. (There is definitely a little bit of a “kid” feeling like their Dad is proud of them to this tbh)

At the end of it all, being able to share a round of golf with my Father in a tournament that my friends and I work very hard to put together and have him and I both enjoy the time together was the cherry on top to the weekend that is one of the highlights of my year, every year. I don’t know if I have ever had so much fun losing something in my life.

Team Blue Ultimately lost the cup this year but it was an absolute blast and I’m already excited for next summer.

(Note, the idea is to dress loudly and represent your team)

Edit: also shout out @bignanski and @SDykhoff42