Best Course You've Ever Played That Nobody's Heard Of


You are correct, the Crispen. Another decent layout, but yeah, not a level shot all day.
I seemed to figure it out about half decent, but the slanted and rolling fairways really ate up some of the guys in our group.


East Bay Area… The Course At Wente Vineyards

A really fun Greg Norman design with great views the whole way through.


My vote would be Little Traverse Bay Golf Club in Harbor Springs, MI… Gets overshadowed with the Boyne Highlands courses being pretty much next door and Bay Harbor being right across the bay. But it’s a great course that in my experience is always in great shape. Plus the tee shot on #1 can’t be beat: no-1-little-traverse


Wolf Run Golf Club in Zionsville, IN. The course has unfortunately closed down due to the owner this past year but played out there a few times over the past years. Without my favorite course of all time and will always be my favorite. By far the hardest course I played but also the most enjoyable as well. My dad was a member out there and had the chance to play it multiple times. The Fried Egg did a piece on it. Without a doubt the best course I’ve ever played that no one has heard of.


I cannot take credit as the designer only as a helpful member taking on a few project in 1930 and 1950.


I’d be down with LTB except the 18th hole is downright offensive. @Randy


Need to get up there - not a bad drive from Jax. Played it a long time ago in a junior tournament and don’t remember specific holes other than I liked the place.


Tell me more about this spot - driven thru DS a couple times en route to the beach from Atlanta.


It’s out in the middle of nowhere and relatively cheap (60ish). It’s super quiet with no houses in sight, and no water which for me was a really cool thing in Florida since every course in the panhandle seems to incorporate water while trying to be “unique”.

Tons of tall pines, alot of elevation changes forcing you to Club way up or down, and some really cool holes that brings ravines into the mix. Greens are usually pretty pure too, only found them in not so great conditions once.


Agreed on the Island. Just played it in Feb. what a treat. The scale of the place alone is breathtaking


Gotcha I was wondering that because Macan’s name is mentioned but I’ve never seen an outright designer named. Do you know who was the designer?


No I assume it was just done by the club organically with a bunch of routing changes through 1893-1923. The 1923 routing that is basically the one used today then the renovations where done by Macan in 1930 and 1950 while he was a member after he had completed Gorge Vale and Royal Colwood. Most recently Jeff Mingay has restored some of the Macan features.


Gotcha, yes I was a member there when I was going to school out there when Jeff started doing some bunker work I believe and clearing behind the 5th green, right on 10 and changing 7. This was nearly 4 years ago now and unfortunately haven’t made it back.


Yeah 18 can feel a bit like a death march at the end of the round, I generally forget about that hole when thinking back on my rounds.


9 is low key mountainous too. Can’t beat a drink and dinner out on the patio though.


Anyone ever play Camden CC in Camden, SC? Donald Ross course that has several holes that look like Pinehurst with the natural sandy scrub areas. Not long, but greens complexes are signature Ross and it is a blast to play.


Been in Columbia 4 years and haven’t been able to get over there and play. Definitely on my list this year.


Highlands Links - Truro, Cape Cod, MA (public)

Eastward Ho! - Chatham, Cape Cod, MA (private)

Stonewall outside of Philly (private)


Hay Harbor Club, the private 9 hole course on Fishers Island that not many even know exists


Played a college tournament there. That was the one course in my career that I felt the biggest discrepancy from my mental state in the practice round to the tournament itself… it felt so scoreable until I actually teed it up for real.
Really great track, but some of it was just downright unfair/stupid with how fast and firm they had the greens going. A memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life was watching a guy in my group hit a putt OB on number 3, the uphill par 5. The pin was perched front left, and he was putting from about 25 feet beyond the hole to the middle of the green. Caught a power lip, rolled off the front edge, about 50 yards down the fairway, through the rough, and just barely out of bounds. Ejections like that were commonplace that whole week