Best Course/Club Logo


Excluding the obvious ones like Augusta and Pebble, The Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur, Colorado has an underrated marking. 52%20AM





CCMD - my home course - love the use of the state flag and the year only…this is from the website, but usually the logo does not have any words…


Shoreacres. I really like when courses/clubs use a play on the letters. Not a fan of animals (especially birds) in logo’s.



Black Sheep Golf Club in IL.



I’m impartial to this because it is my home course but the simplicity of the osprey and name that goes with it resonates.


Pebble Beach ain’t bad


RIP in peace


Columbia Country Club MD




Cool post on logos over on the Fried Egg today. Check it out:

Fried Egg Logo Rankings


Stanwich! Yes. Love it.





Under the radar logos from Mass:

#1 Salem


Under the radar logos from Mass:

#2 Wianno


been voting on the instagram story; nobody likes the logos I like!


Zocco - Same here. I wish they had done the logos without the club names. Some are very obvious, but I wonder how much of the vote is a function of the club’s name versus the logo


I am beyond triggered by the results, good for Andy and ZB for doing the work but I have lost all faith in the general public, a world where Whistling Straits trounces GIC is truly a scary one to live in


partial to Warwick CC