Best Course/Club Logo






Greenville Country Club Chanticleer course in SC


I believe Pasa is the best logo in golf, and probably the most under rated course.


I thought so. Played there a bunch as a Greenville resident. Tough course.


Very tough! Just got rated again and slope now150 from the back tees of only 6800 yards!









I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this.



Could just be me but I love a logo that doesn’t have the name of the club or text included, just an image. It’s simple, clean, and gives it that extra sense of prestige. Shoutout to my home club in Westchester - Knollwood Country Club.








From my home club, always have liked it.


I like that one, nice and simple so you can put it on anything! Where’s it from?


Sand Hills in Nebraska


Before checking the link i thought, Arnie in a rout…I don’t know if anyone deserved to be 1B, even Tiger. The players have a long way to go to catch up with the clubs indeed.


You’re right, Tiger should’ve been #2… BUT as it turns out I actually had 31 logo’s and not 30, so it would’ve required I go back and edit. After 5+ hours of work I couldn’t take it anymore so Big Cat became #1B to save myself further anguish. In case anyone hasn’t seen it, this is what he’s talking about (Suggestion to Mods: get direct comment replies to group under the original comment rather than the bottom of the page)