Best carry bag?

I’m looking into buying a new bag for the summer. I’m about 50/50 walk/ride, with anywhere from 9-14 club sets depending on the situation.

I like the idea of getting another stand bag like I currently have, but man can it be heavy and get in the way in trunks or anywhere else.

So far I’m leaning towards either the Ping Moonlite, or Ping Hoofer Lite.
Other honorable mentions I’ve looked at:

  • Jones Utility Rover
  • Titleist Premium Carry Bag
  • Callaway Hyperlite 1+

Does anyone have any insight into any of these bags (especially the Ping’s), or whether they regretted going to a carry bag away from a stand bag? I’m worried I’ll regret going lighter weight, when the Hoofer lite will have plenty of storage for water bottle/umbrella/alignment sticks and just enough room for 14 clubs.


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No direct insight, I had an older version of the titliest premium carry bag which was the lightest bag I ever had. I got the scotty cameron green black Sunday bag (has a titliest tag on it) with last year’s membership, but that one I feel is of a cheaper quality and not only myself but two of my friends think its actually heavier than my current stand bag (a Ping 4under). If you only want to go with one I’d say the hoofer (lightest stand bag Ive carried (in high school)) or the 4under. Either of those two is light enough and more versatile than a Sunday bag. That being said I always keep a Sunday bag in the trunk of my car with my regular bag to switch out just in case. Ive only had good experiences with Ping bags and I’m looking into the moonlite.

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That’s great insight, thank you. That makes me think I’m probably better off buying a nicer lightweight stand bag, and keeping a super cheap sunday bag on standby if the situation calls for it. Thanks!

I have both the Callaway Hyperlite +1 and the Original jones carry bag. Would use my Hyperlite almost every day last summer, cant remember the last time I took out the jones. Not that the Jones is bad, I just prefer the Hyperlite. :+1:


I had a Moonlite (previous model) until it got stolen along with my clubs. Always used it single strap, often with 13 clubs, always over my Ping 4series stand bag. Did the trick for me, not sure how nicely it’ll play with a cart though.

Back to the stand bag for now, probably going to pick up a Jones Players soon to replace the moonlite, not a huge fan of the current model strap/bag connection.

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I have a hyperlite and the Jones player bag. The hyper lite is the best if you need to carry rain gear, extra towels, and basically “stuff”. It’s also nice to have an extra strap if you’re set on the bag being a double strap.

The jones is great if you’re going golfing and don’t need to jam your bag full. Both are excellent, just up to you on what kind of experience you want.

I walk/ride about 50/50 and love the Sun Mountain 2.5 LS


Recently got a new Mizuno bag, which I’m happy with.

it’s a Mizuno BR-D3 I believe. Very light and comfortable. 1st impressions are good and personally think it looks smart. Feels very good quality.

Mine is 2 tone grey with red trim.

I use a ping moonlite right now and love it. The new hoofers arent the same anymore. Too big. Better off snagging a classic hoofer or l8 off ebay if you want that type of bag

Heard great things about the Ping L8. Hard to find. I myself am trying to scoop one on ebay or elsewhere and have had no luck.

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I’ve had a cart bag for a number of years and last year I decided I wanted a stand bag. In late summer I picked up a Titleist Players 4 bag and I really like it. My main requirement was lightweight, so I was willing to sacrifice pockets for weight. When Jones had everything 40% off on Black Friday, I kind of wish I had waited. But at the end of the day, I’m happy with my bag and I’m not sure the Jones bag would be any different. Just maybe a little bit of a cooler look.

With that being said, I did just see Callaway released some very lightweight bags. Without double checking, I think I saw some of their new stand bags are under 3 pounds. I have no experience on durability, but that really sounds appealing.

if these rec’s won’t cover you, there’s many bag aficionados on here:


I checked ebay and saw at least one on there right now that is going for cheap. The Hoofer Lite honestly looks just like the old L8 bags, maybe just a touch larger. People spend crazy money on those old bags!

I chuckle every time a see a new thread started that has previously been discussed.
“Should I comment with links?” I ask myself. “Nah, @3wiggle will be along shortly, he’ll take care of it.”


Haha I was waiting for it. Although there are a few other threads out there, the Jones Utility Rover is practically brand new and there was really minimal mention of the Hoofer Lite anywhere out there…and those are two of the primary options I’ve been considering.

If we didn’t create new threads about topics that have briefly been discussed previously, we’d never have anything new to waste our time reading!

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I have a Ping hoofer from when I was a junior golfer. Probably bought around 98. Wouldnt trade it in for anything. Straps are so comfy.

I did buy a new Ping Moonlite last year. I only use it for casual round when I carry 6 or 7 clubs. Even that many can get tangled in it.

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Utility Trouper is the brand new one. Rover is the old model Utility stand bag. As you’ll note in the thread I started on this, I highly recommend the Trouper. Got everything you need and it’s not heavy or cumbersome at all. Not sure where you stand in the “Drinking on the Course” thread but the Trouper also has an insulated beer pocket for two cans. Keep em chilled even while you walk.


No worries, does not bother me in the least!
BTW, I just got a Jones Utility Stand. I like it so far, only one round under my belt. I find it a little tight with 14 clubs, ideal for 12. (I also have an oversize putter grip)

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When the spine in my Ping hoofer high school bag got knocked out of place from stacking bags in someones trunk I DIED INSIDE. Lot of nice bags to choose form out there and it seems like there are more companies everyday but those pings from the 90’s were a staple of team golf and walking and I agree I wouldn’t have traded that bag for anything.

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I’m glad I stuck with my gut on the Moonlite probably not being an “every day” bag. I love the size, but figured it was more of a true sunday bag. Looks great though