Best A+ Game?


I will stand corrected but I can’t remember a performance, in a major, as dominant as Rory’s in the 2011 Us open by any of the others touted as being in the same tier as him minus the big cat of course. If he plays like that no-one beats him.


McIlroy wins the most and would be winning 50% of starts imo.

He has won on all types of set up; PGA Tour, US Open, Desert, Links etc.
Should have won at least 2 Masters and is basically a top 10 every year and likewise at the UK British Open.

Won his 1st two majors by EIGHT shots each time.


Would also say that when players are winning, there is usually one element that improves and takes them above the field.

For Rose, over the past 18 months - his putting has gone from average to good. Molinari likewise.
For Spieth, when he was winning, his scrambling and putting were immense.
For Rory and JT, when their wedges and approach play is on, they are too good to live with.

I’d like to think Tommy Fleetwood will be in this discussion this time next year. I think the guy has an immense game. At least as good as Justin Rose as a great all round player.

I personally don’t think of Day and DJ in these conversations because I don’t really get them as people. To me they seem distant and detached and I’m not excited to watch them when they are playing well, as I am with other players. I can’t describe it. I also would not be surprised if they both finish on 1 major, albeit I wouldn’t exactly put a lot of money on it. For me, these guys are PGA Tour winners and will accumulate a lot of wins, but just don’t have the same x-factor when it comes to the majors.

For me, my dream scenario is to tune into the Masters and see Rory and JT have a dingdong weekend, like Sergio v Rose and Stenson v Mickelson.


I hope you’re right with Fleetwood. Love the the guy.

With Day, he’s definitely a bit weird. He’s also so incredibly slow it borders on painful. But he can definitely close. The way he won at Whistling Straits and the shots he hit into 18 at Baltursrol proved as much, Walker just had the benefit of finishing after him and executed as well. DJ…well he’s DJ. He’s greatest strength can also be a weakness in terms of attitude.

Any combination of these guys on a Sunday in a major will be gold. The fact we hardly ever get it shows how good a place and how much talent is in the Tour Golf.


At least with the data we’re able to use, this seems to be the best aligned approach to answer my original question thus far. Love it. Peak Rory and DJ ball striking in a league of their own makes so much sense.

PS - shame on me for not including Day in the poll - but in my defense he’d not even been discussed on the thread to that point!


Forgiven! Unsure why he is so often overlooked…

Think about last year. He had a “bad year” by his measure and likely most of ours. He won twice. Finished 2nd at Pebble. In 20 events he finished top 20 in 14 of them. Without playing well…

What is great about this entire list is all of these guys very rarely no show for a tournament. An off week here or there is fine, but the majority of their starts they either contend or play better than 85% of the field. Except for Speith last year. I think it’s safe to say he has the lowest floor.


I’m glad you went ahead and looked at this too. It got me wondering, are we missing anyone that would actually be higher than Rory’s total? There have been some ridiculous SG numbers from guys that you wouldn’t think of right away to be in this list.


neat, good stuff. Doesn’t answer the question though, since the 50 round moving average takes the whole A+ part out of the equation. Day is obviously top of the list, but over that time span of the last 50 rounds, he’s won 0 times. Hell, he’s only one twice in last 50 tournaments.

So, I like the data, but I don’t think it supports Day as the A+ guy.


that said, it does prove that we have the right 5 guys…the rest is just us playing favorites…which is also cool.

If Rory can find his game, it just might be his A+ title, I think JT and DJ actually CURRENTLY have it.


In his defense, he was answering @Clarkebar’s question, not @WarbirdND’s original post. Based on his numbers, Day has an argument for highest consistent ceiling.


DJ won his only major at Oakmont, which by any measure is a tough major venue.


Day had more wins than Rory last year. They both had zero in 2017. Both had 3 in 2015. Day had 5 and Rory had 4 in 2015…

so last 4 years. Day 10 wins. Rory 8.
Missed Cuts. Day 8. Rory 14.

Now we can extend a year or pick and choose whatever. But it’s not as cut and dry as you are making it.


Good point, and it was answering a slightly different iteration of the question. But I like the approach. To me, the ideal look would be exactly what @16greens39putts did, but isolated for each player’s absolute best performance in a tournament ever for each of the SG components. Like you say though - same handful of guys will bubble to the top, so we’re just picking favorites now.


It is almost easier to pick a streaky player in this discussion because it seems like they can return to their peak at any point. If you told me Brooks or DJ would win 2/4 majors next year I could see it. I don’t see Rory’s A game coming back any time soon for whatever reason.


oh, I already agree that neither of them are playing A+ right now, and may or may not ever return. That’s why neither of them would have been my pick. But if the top 2 guys based on your data had 2 wins in the last 2 years combined? I don’t understand why the data helps.

Again, I’m not criticizing the data. I’m merely pointing out the a 50 round avg doesn’t provide the A+ data.


gotcha. I think it’s peak 50 round average though. Not last 50 rounds. So it takes all the data on a rolling basis. each new round played is captured and drops round 51. and so on.


How many rounds would you say indicates A+? It has to be more than just 1 or 2, right? Otherwise we have to put Furyk, Harman, Sneds, and others in here.


My benchmark is a tournament. Otherwise Ken Duke is the leader in the clubhouse and we can’t have that.


maybe I misunderstood then. By rolling, I thought it meant dropping the furthest back, and adding most recent.


it is, maybe i didn’t explain it well. by peak i mean what was profiled was the top 50 round period for each.