Best A+ Game?


Fun reading through these stats.
In the latest pod, the NLU boys briefly discussed the question “Is the game at a great place?” or even “Is the Tour at a great place?” I am not sure about the game as a whole, but the Tour is flat out amazing right now. We are watching golf at a time where on any given week there are 6-10 guys who, when the A+ game shows, are among the greatest of all time. We got a glimpse of how special it is to watch when Stenson and Mickleson battled in 2016. I’m hoping we get the chance to see a few more events this year where there are two of the top-tier A+ games battling in the final group on a Sunday. It feels like we always just so miss out. Someone doesn’t show on Sunday, and makes it a non-story.
Rory, Spieth, Day, Tiger, JT, Rose, Rickie, Koepla, DJ…Take any 2 of them and put them in the final group with their A+, and you got yourself an event that belittles the Super Bowl.


Let’s avoid total chaos with the question of “the health of the game” … which is entirely different from the health of professional tours.


I thought they were pretty down on the game and the Tour. I’m finding it a fucking riot at the minute. There are so many solid ballers playing right now. The only thing we’re missing is even a single Sunday where they’re all bringing it. That’ll come though. One day…

@Clarkebar Totally agree. This is why I love The Refuge. I’m having an argument / heated debate online with you lot that I’d normally be having in the clubhouse over beers with my mates. Only, truth be told, my mates aren’t as geeky as us and can’t have this conversation!


Time for a poll, and I’m not including Fleetwood, damnit. Sue me if you must. A+ game from the contenders most heavily debated in this thread, who ya got?

  • Rory
  • JT
  • DJ
  • Brooks
  • Jordan

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I legit cant choose. This is like me hoovering over the steak menu at Ruth Chris. They all look so tasty.


I’m so indecisive and keep clicking back and forth between people. i just need to suck it up make a pick and go down guns blazing defending it.


Crunched the numbers a bit. This is a simple count of the number of tournaments in which a player had a SG: Total within a certain range.

As you can see, Jason Day appears to be the only player since 2014, to have more than one tournament above +5 SG: Total. The crazy thing is he did it in back-to-back starts (15 PGA, 15 Barclays).

In terms of other streaks of really good play, Rory had three straight starts (2014 Open, WGC, PGA) with SG: Total above 4. DJ had two straight (2017 Riviera, Mexico) above 4. No one else on this list has done it back-to-back.



And if you look at the totals:

Spieth - 21
Rory - 22
JT - 17
DJ - 25
Brooks - 12
Day - 17

Seems Spieth, Rory and DJ are out on their own. Except, of the three, one of them has 1 major, 1 of them has 3 and one has 4.

I still say Rory and Spieth are in a league of their own. And I think this backs it up.


What am I looking at, exactly? Is this to say Stenson averaged beating the field by 7.32 shots each round at the 2016 Open, or something like that?


Yep. It’s taking the average of all 4 rounds for a tournament.


What a nice way to end the work day! Log into the old Refuge and bam, amazing thread.

But I am surprised by a few things…

  1. No Rickie jokes… come on all… (I am also afraid of @Randy chasing me down!)
  2. How deep some of you get, I do not say that in jest, its simply awesome
  3. Holding ones accountable for grammar, I better stop posting…

Alright, but down to business. The answer is Rory and its for one reason as mentioned on the pod, we are all just waiting for him to explode, like no one else, its an indescribable “it-factor”. @Soly is tired putting down that bet, we all are, but its there, lingering in the back of our minds. The ultimate “what-if” who has found this lightning in a bottle before.

If you had to pick one guy to have an unheard of 5+ win season, would you pick anyone else?


I forgot who said this on the NLU pod and it was beautiful. I think Dufner. But if you place 20th in an event. You are likely the 20th best in the entire world (roughly) that week. That is amazing in and of itself. Puts into perspective winning on tour, sustained and consistent winning, dominance, and getting into the top 10 or being #1. Wild stuff.

#theseguysaregood ???


could be an entirely different thread. but i’ll take a stab.

a) rory - has a 5 win season and 2 4 win season. he could absolutely do it again and probably has the highlest likelihood of accomplishing it. that is, unless he’s already peaked.
b) DJ - the wildcard. does he want to? or will he snag a few wins and then coast? during a tournament he’ll step on the gas but i don’t see him doing so for huge chunks of the season.
c) JT - has already done it so early in his career. he seems to play the busiest schedule and i’d put him as co-favorite with rory and maybe spieth. i feel like we’re only scratching the surface with him.
d) Day - he’s done it. Health and a re-commitment are the driving factors for him. I wouldn’t count him out.
e) Spieth - also has done it. probably the closest thing we have in the group to a grinder. least likely to get complacent and probably the most self aware of place in history and what he “owes” to the game. if that makes sense??
f) Koepka - probably not. 5 career wins. he’s a big game hunter and admits as much is reflected in his prep, mindset, etc.
g) Bryson - had 4 last year and showed the ability to get super hot. still playing a ton and being less selective than the others.
h) Rose - shockingly the least likely in my opinion. Longest career by a mile and hasn’t really sniffed it. weird to say of the #1 player in the world. Probably the most top 10s, 2-3 wins, maybe a major. 5 wins in a year, i don’t think he has that gear…plus the equipment change.
i) Rahm - worth pointing out he’s had two consecutive 3 win seasons to start his career…


I like this because Rose won an Olympic gold medal. No other living golfer in the world has accomplished this feat.


I feel like we can look at the past for these dudes and say who has the best game but I think if we take it lightly and reroute this topic to say who will prove they have their A+ game this season?
Rory is set with his equipment and life changes, DJ is all done with the stair fiasco, we have all these young guns bucking their heads. I think there is a lot for everyone to prove that they have and are bringing their A game.
Last year was the revival of the old man. There were multiple winners across all he tours of the old guys winning again and the droughts being broken. The talent pool in the tours right now is absurd and couldn’t be better. I think this is going to force the best out of everyone and it’s gonna be insane.


Bringing this back to the original question of whose absolute A+ game is the best, another argument for Brooks having the best top gear is that he literally only tries hard in the majors. Which is also when everyone else tries their hardest. And he’s won 3 of the past 6


yes, except they’re 2nd and 3rd on the list.


And have won 3/4 majors more than DJ.


exactly, which is why SG is worthless to the argument.


It’s the combo for me. Top 3 in SG. Plus closing out majors. Spieth and Rors. Simples.