Best A+ Game?


I’d say Justin Rose could and has.

Definitely didn’t have it on the weekend at Turkey and just hung around and found enough strokes to win.


Yeah. What of it? :boxing_glove:


I wondered the same thing but I have no idea. Doesn’t say anywhere on their website. I want to assume it’s who played that hole for the day because it would best explain Ken Duke’s outrageous number at the Players. I didn’t think it would be so high if it was against all shots on the tour.


SG Total for a single round is simply comparing a player’s score to the field-average score for that round.

Handy explanation. The individual shots are compared against Tour baselines that have been computed it looks like - so it’s not really specific to the course/field necessarily on a shot by shot basis if I’m understanding correctly.


how many top 10 or 20 players were in that field? hell, top 50. we’re talking about extremes here so if he won that week without his A game and beat a bunch of B level pros, it’s not quite the same. Fleetwood probably the only stud in that field which was a small field tournament already.


I think it probably is those who played that day, or at least have played on that course / event.

Taking Tommy’s 63 last year at Shinneock, the scoring average for the other players that day was 72.32.

So he was 9.32 stokes better, albeit strokes gained has him at 9.79.

But for most tour events the actual scoring average will be under 70, so if it was average against all tour stats he would probably not have gained as many 9.79 strokes.


it’s probably not as poor a field as you might thing, but appreciate it’s not a marquee field.

However he nearly did at the Open and was bang average for the 1st 2 days, albeit the fact he didn’t kinda proves your point.


Ok, I think I finally found something for tournament SG total, the “happy medium” between 50 rd average and single round. Unfortunately, it only goes back to 2014 so we don’t have all the great starts for Tiger or Phil.
Highest single tournament True* Strokes Gained, since 2014.

Stenson, 2016 Open, 7.32
Phil = 2016 Open, 6.57

Day = 2015 Barclays, 5.57
DJ = 2016 BMW, 5.39
Koepka = 2017 US Open, 5.29
Spieth = 2015 Masters, 5.27
JT = 2017 Sony, 5.06
Rory = 2015 Wells Fargo, 5.04
Rose = 2018 Fort Worth, 4.82
Rahm = 2018 Hero, 4.59
Fleetwood = 2018 US Open, 4.16
Tiger = 2018 TOUR Champ, 4.16

*(True SG apparently accounts of strength of field, take that however you like)


ok, I generally misunderstood. of the best of the current, I’d take JT or DJ. Their numbers speak for themselves, WINS during these guys’ best years, the absolute dominance they have in certain aspects of their games, and major championships during these last years. I put together a sheet recently for some other argument, and I recall these two having the most dominating statistics of the limited (top 10 world golf rank)

If I was going for best over any period of time, it might be Justin Rose. That statistic of only having 9 double bogeys or worse LAST YEAR is insane.


I hear you, but Rory…no


In the truly current I agree completely with this. If I expand back a few years I end up with Rory. JT is just a stone cold killer when he gets it going.


The fun thing here is that there is no way for either of us to be right or wrong. It’s all just opinion.


of course…but that would fly in the face of everything I’ve seen on the refuge…


Is this the pure list? Did nobody come up more than once?


I just picked the highest from each player, didn’t look at multiple instances of high SG.


It’d be interesting to see if there’s a list with multiple entries per person. If one person has 5 entries on the list and nobody else has more than 2, it’d answer this debate pretty well.


Have you met the Refugees? Nothing is ever settled easily.

However, good idea. I’ll take a look later. This stupid work thing is bucking its head.
Or you can look! datagolf is accessible by all.


Exactly what I was thinking.

Also, you know what is A+? This thread. Kind of a big portion of what The Refuge is all about.


i’m not creating a thread, but has anyone else noticed the NBC Sports Gold commercial where Justin Thomas says “now that’s what I’m talking about!” (when he holed out during the Mexico event on 18) and then they transition to Bryson DeChambeau on the video but still play Justin’s “WHOO!”



If you’re talking about “lightning in a bottle” and you want to use the most recent data available, the only reasonable conclusion is … Xander Schaufelle.

The beautiful thing about golf is, Xander might go on an absolute tear and threaten for a grand slam … OR he may never win again. Rory could never finish out another 54-hole lead, OR he could win at Augusta this year and totally reignite a conversation like this. The only thing that can be said about current form in professional golf is that, whoever wins on Sunday on the PGA Tour/in a major/maybe over in Europe (given the week) is the best player in the world on that day.