Best A+ Game?


There appear to be zero useful LPGA stats for this. No proximity stats, no SG, nothing.



They haven’t entered the ‘Shot Link Era’



I was extremely disappointed to see the lack of stats on their site. I am sure it is not their fault as it does cost money to enter obtain, enter, and calculate the data…just kind of sad.



Yeah, but, that would require me to, you know, do some work. I’m much more of a ‘just say shit and hope for the best’ kinda guy. :smirk:



218 carry with a driver is the LPGA AVERAGE?? So that means there are some professional female golfers who can’t carry a driver 200 yards.

That just blew my mind.



And yet they are still absolutely unreal…



It’s pretty crazy. It’s from 2017 so it’s not even dated.



stop suggesting the women are better than the men in any way.

Yes, they’re better than you. They might even be better than the miniest of mini-tours. Nothing higher. In one round? Maybe. Not for a tourney.

That’s it. Has nothing to do with anything other than their body sizes and strengths. The best EVER of women couldn’t make the cut at Milwaukee or the Sony - short tracks.



So is the answer to this now DJ?



that’s why I came here…I think at his best, he’s untouchable



Looks like we got his A game, can’t give him an A+ effort with a negative strokes gained chipping. Man he looked good though.



oh, so he can get BETTER?!?!?!?!

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Fuck I’d be sooo in on that!

Sneaky s/o to my Kiwi bias here but Fox/Lyds would be savage. Huge bombs off the tee and Ko is deadly from 150 in.

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DJ just answered this question as far as it relates to February 2019. Of course he mashes the ball and controls that fade beautifully, but that putter? C’mon, that putter of his is a weapon when he is bringing the A game.

Golf Channel or ESPN showed a graphic today of every time in history a player has lead the tour in par 3, 4 and 5 scoring during the same season. Can’t recall the graphic exactly but it seemed rare unless I missed something. That type of stat is one decent proxy for best A game. Tiger did it twice, in 2000 and 2009. DJ was also on the list, think it was last year. Think it was done maybe once more apart from Tiger and DJ but can’t remember what they showed.

Would suggest you hit your irons well, drive it well and make putts (and probably scramble). About all you need, sounds easy right?



I mean that tournament wasn’t close. I don’t even think that was his best to be honest. And he dusted the best field of the year by 10 strokes AND WAY MORE, and Rory, who is playing very well and just posted ANOTHER top 5, his 5th straight, by 5. JT has been playing incredibly well lately, and shot 9 under today, and lost to DJ by 12.

That’s the kind of cushion that can fend off most arguments.




Man, this is aging really, really well (January 7, 2019).



Love the reply to your own comment.

I still think Rory’s A+ game is the best. He was better than DJ tee to green, but putted 5.7 shots worse for the week than DJ. That’s where the difference was.

DJ seems to putt consistently better than Rory. Rory had a good putting week (+0.70), but DJ had a VERY good putting week (+2.12). They both have their struggles on the greens, and neither is a great putter. They probably average 3 different putter models a year. But when they are particularly on, as DJ was this week, he can blow a field away. Rory can do the same if he finished 1st in SG putting for any given week.

Anyway, they’re all pretty damn good.



Not relevant now, but fun

I remember tiger saying years ago the guy who he thought could push him was DL3

Maybe around ‘03 time.

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Rory got hammered this weekend but the difference was two bad holes. He went in the trees for double on Thursday (and dunked it in the water on the same hole Friday). And that 4 putt killed him. You take those out and they’re even.

It’s just golf though. Sometimes it just doesn’t go you way and at that level one lapse of concentration and you’re done.

Interestingly, both of them were lapping the field. It’s actually a shame they weren’t closer because coming down the stretch when they were both playing that well would have been awesome.