Best A+ Game?


There appear to be zero useful LPGA stats for this. No proximity stats, no SG, nothing.


They haven’t entered the ‘Shot Link Era’


I was extremely disappointed to see the lack of stats on their site. I am sure it is not their fault as it does cost money to enter obtain, enter, and calculate the data…just kind of sad.


Yeah, but, that would require me to, you know, do some work. I’m much more of a ‘just say shit and hope for the best’ kinda guy. :smirk:


218 carry with a driver is the LPGA AVERAGE?? So that means there are some professional female golfers who can’t carry a driver 200 yards.

That just blew my mind.


And yet they are still absolutely unreal…


It’s pretty crazy. It’s from 2017 so it’s not even dated.


stop suggesting the women are better than the men in any way.

Yes, they’re better than you. They might even be better than the miniest of mini-tours. Nothing higher. In one round? Maybe. Not for a tourney.

That’s it. Has nothing to do with anything other than their body sizes and strengths. The best EVER of women couldn’t make the cut at Milwaukee or the Sony - short tracks.