Beers & booze - Whatcha drinking?

I just picked up a bottle of Tequila. It looks like this. I have no idea if it is good but I love a good margarita. What’s in your glass?


“I have no idea if it is good”

Casamigos was brought to popularity by George Clooney and then sold for a billion dollars: $700m cash up front, $300m in structured incentives.

I, for one, really, really, really fucking like it.


At the moment? An adequate Merlot. Later? Caol Ila, I expect.


thank you for your service

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Timely. I’m drinking “free” Johnnie Walker Black in the BA Lounge in SFO waiting for my flight to Edinburgh via Heathrow. Not my favorite but it will do.

Haven’t had a drink in 15 years. Come at me!


That Clooney tequila is my husband’s favorite.

Currently drinking Cape May IPA.


Coal Ila is a great scotch, especially for the price.

6:30am tee time tomorrow so I’ve had my drinks. Went out to dinner with the wife and had a “whiskey cocktail, which was a good house cocktail with bourbon and rye, then a manhattan, then an old fashioned. Maybe have a NEIPA tonight or some Old Weller, but I’m feeling pretty good and hate when the first hole doesn’t go well because I drank too much the night before.

Currently, two local sours at a local minor league baseball game.


Aberfeldy , pretty decent

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My club has cape may IPA on tap

Crowd pleaser for sure

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Jai Alai IPA earlier at dinner, a Pinot Noir nightcap while heading to bed.

Sober Octobering after going a bit overboard on my euro trip.

Will check back in on the 1st… possibly earlier.

Last night was Old Fitz 13yr and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof batch 128 proof to go along with a Back East IPA, some pomegranate berliner weisse beer, and a Miller Lite. Tee off in an hour. Going to be interesting. Happy Columbus Day.

First time I’ve seen a Mole stout. Anyone else ever had something similar? This from Fullsteam in Durham was pretty good, nice smoky flavor.


The other night, but… local micro, barrel aged in Mississippi River Distillery bourbon barrels, on nitro

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32oz. 9% Peanut Butter Chocolate Imperial Stout to the face


Sierra Nevada Octoberfest.

Currently at a mountain cabin with my wife…this weeks quid pro quo for going to Cincinnati…I feel like I’m winning twice.