Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


The Welsh just can’t buy a break. I went to a Cardiff/Fulham match once at Craven Cottage and the Fulham supporters sang “We pay your benefits, we pay your benefits” for about 10 minutes. Totally savage.

The good thing about Ryder Cup 2018 is the French can taunt and sing whatever they want, we won’t understand.


For starters, the back and forth between @Lazstradamus and @The_Cad_Says has been wonderful. Thank you for that.

Now to the actual discussion. The USA will not run away with the Ryder Cup.
A) Haven’t won in Europe since '93. Then mental block is real.
B) Pieters got 4 points as a rookie in 2016. Now add 2 years of experience. He is the European DJ.
C) Where is all the JT hype coming from? Is he crazy talented? Yes. Can he play with the best when at his best? Yes. He’s only played one team competition and lets be real, the Pres Cup is a week vacation for Team USA these days.
D) Jon Rahm will be running hotter than any of us can even imagine and I have nightmares of him making Seve like saves to halve holes and extended matches.
E) Rose/Garcia/Stenson. All still in their prime and have to be pissed about the 2016 results.

In conclusion, yes the USA is favored on paper, but haven’t we heard that before? The 2018 Ryder Cup will be a classic the likes of 1999 with the bad blood of 1991.

Can we move the Ryder Cup to May? God I can’t wait.


@aj_wehr…honestly I…I just…I can’t believe your take. I’m going in on you now. The USA will run away with the Cup and drink the finest champagne from it’s belly and then you will know the debt has been paid.

A.) It’s not like they’e playing Carnoustie. You could drop that course in suburban Kansas City and nobody would flinch.
B.) He’s the Euro DJ? Oh, so…he’s won majors? He’s the #1 player in the world or the #1 in Belgium? Please clarify.
C.) JT would be the best the Euros have. Easily.
D.) By “running hot” do you mean slamming wedges into the French turf? (Sacrebleu!)
E.) Prime? Prime? Sergio peaked. Stenson peaked. Rose peaked. It’s downhill from here, mon ami.

Agree with you wholeheartedly on one front- can’t wait!

Digressing…How in the world can you say Sergio is at peak? My prediction- he’s going to go “full Immelman” over the next two years. Mailing it in week to week. He’s slayed his demons. His work here is done.


I mean Rory is clearly a better golfer than JT, imo Rahm is too but I wouldn’t fight you too hard on that. Didn’t Sergio just win like 2 weeks ago? Also won in Spain at the end of last year, not sure if that’s mailing it in.

I agree on A and B tho


Okay…Okay…I forgot about Rors for a moment. You’re right. Let’s assume he doesn’t five-putt and he actually rebounds from his injury and he doesn’t let the emotions of the French get him too dialed in. But yes, he’s Rory and he’s boss.

Yes, Sergio won in Phucket, Thailand or something like that. He beat a field that would struggle to qualify for NCAA match play, but he won. Yes. Big deal. I won Rusty’s Pub Scramble 2 weeks ago, but you don’t hear anyone talking about that now do you?

In closing, I’m a little surprised that I’m seemingly the only one in this forum waving the stars and stripes. Fending off more European aggression then the most honorable Halie Selassie up in here…


No need to fend them off too much right now. They’re busy talking about how great their team’s form is right now because they know once the American’s kick it into gear getting ready for the Masters the next few weeks there is no looking back. We have the advantage from top to bottom, only disadvantage we have is that it is an away game. And my god, if Tiger manages to win even just once this year and makes the team, it may actually be over on Saturday this year.


You failed to mention “spotted dick” and another classic- stargazy pie…recipe-stargazy3


@Lazstradamus @aj_wehr What, the Royal fuck, are you on about? DJ? DJ? Not two days ago he got his ass handed to him by a guy who once missed every single cut on the tour. A guy famous as a winner at Hooters. DJ rained the long ball and still couldn’t better a guy who’s face was wider than DJ is tall.

Pieters will take your French fries, and cover them in mayonnaise.


We’re in February and I’m trying to figure out how do we make a Refuge Ryder Cup meet up happen where we can bring @Lazstradamus and @The_Cad_Says together to drink and entertain us.


Many casual Refuge readers are wondering; “what is up with this @The_Cad_Says bloke?” I’ll remind you all that he’s in the U.K. and clearly well into his cocktail hour. A brief look at his evening:
4:00pm: Arrives at his estate, sends valet and rest of domestic staff home for evening.
4:01- 5:00pm: Loads the vynil classic “Reg Strikes Back” by Elton John and pours a few drinks (gin and tonic)
5:00pm-6:00pm: Dinner with family. Table goes quiet when Cad Jr’s application to Oxford is questioned.
6:00-9:00pm- goes back to the bar and record collection. The Smiths “Big Mouth Steikes Again” fuels his trolling session on the refuge.


Already in the works. @The_Cad_Says will be visiting the states soon barring no issues with Interpol.


Lol. Send the staff home. Like that would ever happen! Who’d carry me to bed.


And it’s only barbarians in the colonies who dine at 5. Dinner is served at 8. With port usually taken bout 9:30.


Dinner at 8, but presumably you took a gin break at 11 after dealing with morning correspondence, followed by a good lunch at 1 and rolled it straight into dinner?


To be fair it all gets a bit blurry by 11am, so God knows.


Which is one of my points about the Ryder Cup. Europeans drink. A lot. The French think beer is a soft drink. You say you’re not drinking and they go “Oh, well, do you want something non alcoholic? Coke, Orangina, beer?”.

And we’re not talking no Lite beer orange water you buffoons chug down. This is proper Belgian beer made in monasteries before Colombus was a seed in his father’s nut sack. That shit stops your legs working before you’re halfway through swallowing.

So your lot will roll up for breakfast, get served a Pelforth or two, and crawl up to the 1st tee rocking a mid party glow. And you won’t have helpers slipping you thimbles to maintain the buzz. Oh no. You’ll all just feel the wrath of a hangover descend for the back 9 as The Fear kicks in.

Just sayin.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to Lefty. I reckon that guy can go toe to toe with Gerard Depardieu and still sink a 40 foot chip in from inside a wine barrel.


Drink for drink I would bet heavily on Europe. Something tells me Lowry sweats Bushwicks.


Last cup I went to was Medinah - lots of Doodle Dandys very drunk (very) early in the morning. After speaking with more than a few of them it seems they were not familiar with the strength of Stella Artois. Bud Light it ain’t.


Also now Spieth is The Worst Putter On Tour the cup is surely ours. Only Pat Perez can save you now.


Rory’s not exactly Gentle Ben these days…