Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


Unlike at the recent Presidents cup at least Tiger won’t have to actively avoid being pictured with the leader of the free world. I doubt Angela Merkel even likes golf.


Tiger will make the team because he’s Tiger. He’ll have @The_Cad_Says’ boy Fleetwood shite-ing out pellets the size of Gianfranco Zola.

We haven’t given Tiger his due on this thread. He could make the team on points, but will certainly make it as a captain’s pick. He merits it just for intimidation points (and TV rankings points too)


I’d love Tiger to win a bunch and make the team, and joking aside his singles record is not to be sniffed at either (though he’s no Monty!).

Also, as I’m going (shameless boast) I think Tigers presence would set the place alight.


Zola was only one inch tall, so I reckon Tommy can handle it. And Tiger wont intimidate anybody when he’s playing all his second shots from the Palais de Versailles. Maybe get CPG to go over some punching out basics with him.

Punch out


I actually feel bad saying that. Funny n all but it’s like I just criticised Jesus. Forgive me Lord Eldrick for I have sinned.



Let’s review Tiger’s “Singles” record:
Rachel Uchitel
Kristin Smith
Jaime Grubbs
Holly Sampson
Lindsay Vonn
Erica Herman
(scores of anonymous waitresses)


Ive already spoken to Bjorn about setting some Eurotrash eye candy about the US hotel and team room to distract him.

Plan could back fire though. Evidently he played at his best during the rutting season.


it’s gonna be hella good, Americans might be slightly better but road factor should favor Euros & the Euros first 4 matches are pretty much already set

which leaves Rahm/Sergio in an all Spain pairing


Rose/Stenson vs. Spieth/Reed (USA 4&3)
Rory/Pieters vs. DJ/Koepka (USA 2 up)
Fleetwood/Casey vs. Woods/Thomas (USA 10&8)
Rahm/Sergio vs. Fowler/Phil (USA 3&2)


Lol :joy:

Keep taking the blue pills my friend.

Though admittedly a quick major count has 25 v 7 in favour of our American cousins. Assuming Big Cat makes the team and isn’t on down time having his entire lower body welded together to stop hip slide in the swing.


It wasn’t long ago that your British bretheren here in Los Angeles were trumpeting the arrival of the new Euro star Danny Willett who quickly melted in the crucible that is the Ryder Cup (I think he’s been re-purposed into commemorative ball marks by Seamus Golf.)
Now Tommy Fleetwood is supposed to scare people because he went low. In Dubai. Please.
You trot those four-ball matches as listed above onto the first tee Friday and you know damn well you’d be lucky to get a single point.

To quote poet-warrior Jalen Ramsey: “AND we gonna with that b$tch. We gonna WIN that b&tch.”


You just take that back. Danny Willett is a national treasure.

Faldo used to be a national treasure, until he started commentating. We all looked at each other and said “WTF is he on about? Ummm… he’s not with us. Never seen him before.”


Three of your guys aren’t even definitely making the team so we’ll take them walkover points when they no show :grinning::+1:


Don’t sleep on the Euro’s. Set up to have a stacked team this year and will definitely use the chatter of the last two years about the USA’s lineup as motivation. Pair that with home field advantage and the USA could have their hands full.


Really? Really? You think Tiger doesn’t make the team? C’mon now…It’s on television, right?


@Lazstradamus, I just had porridge on toast. Breakfast of champions.


Congrats to @The_Cad_Says who now joins this comprehensive list of British Champions of Sport:

  1. Sebastien Coe
  2. Torvill & Dean
  3. The Cad Says


I think Tiger finds a way on that roster because it feels like the Tiger pressure is real. I didn’t keep up with the Ryder cup when he was in his dominance prime, but I think he’d eat this event up.


@Lazstradamus You missed out Giant Haystacks.


At least Danny won an actual major.

Berger is going to rock up as the next big thing with two John Deers, a swing more laid off than a South Wales steel worker and a good luck letter from his mum.