Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


Also the comment about the starving to death may be the most underrated narrative of the whole event :grinning:


The thing is, at Hazeltine, the US team were making putts and Europe weren’t. It happens. On the Sunday at Medinah Europe were holing out from 35 yards for fun. I mean, wtf is with that? But it happens.

What I’m really excited about is if we get the RC we all want - all players in both teams playing well and draining putts. How awesome will that be! I might even go myself to hurl abuse, sorry “support” and get dressed up in blue and yellow plus 4s and knickerbockers (though I’ll have to get changed before I get back to the UK or the Brexit Police won’t let me back in).

In reality, it’ll probably be shit. The US team will be 8 Up on Sunday morning and I’ll have to suffer you bunch of blowhards talk shit for another 2 years… :wink:


What are your thoughts on the set up of Le Golf National? I’ve seen it a little on TV here in the states early in the morning, and know that it has lots of water and narrow fairways with deep rough? Do you think it will stay this way for the RC? If so, it may actually hamper Rory a bit and maybe Rahm if he stops driving the ball like a goddamn robot. Also, dying laughing at the Brexit police


This is 100% the reason why we will win, and I’m positive T-Bjorn is on top of it; all about the #marginalgains.

I think he will switch out all of the English language menus in the US team room - good luck to Brooks and DJ in the fourballs after a delicious meal of l’escargots, cuisses de grenouilles and vin de table.

To be honest, I suspect most of the US team will be in shock from the aggressively indifferent customer service they are likely to receive at Charles de Gaulle baggage reclaim to concentrate properly on their game. France will be a real culture shock for the away team, in that it will be the first time they have experienced any.

Basically, The only real risk to European domination in September is a national strike in France (50/50).

Shout out PJ Willet.


I think the course set up will be less intimidating than the French fans, who will level up on the abuse from “locker room” to “existential crisis”. Nothing prepares you for a withering put down about the nature of gladiatorial sports from a 55 year old woman in a Hermes scarf, smoking a Gaulloises and sipping a '61 Lafite from a plastic cup.


Listen, @The_Cad_Says…Let’s focus on the Big Leagues, OK? Your Euro tour stats don’t impress me. When a player goes in to the baseball* Hall of Fame, they don’t count AAA stats. We focus on the big tour here, not just because it gives us a (false?) sense of superiority, but because it’s the best tour on the planet. (*Reference: baseball is the sport we invented because we couldn’t figure out cricket.)
And let’s not pretend like the event is in rural Estonia. It’s in Paris. Arguably the most Americanized city on the continent. The only guy who I’d be worried about throwing a fit because he can’t find a Chipotle is Bubba- and he ain’t making it across the pond.

Lastly, can we stop using the Waste Management as a metric for greatness? That’s like going to a tailgate in Athens, Ga and saying “Athens is the culinary capital of America.” It’s a fun week, it’s a tournament, it’s a frat house. It’s all that, but it’s not exactly an arbiter of great golf.


“Culinary capital of America” is a phrase so utterly confusing to me in any sentence.


That’s funny, because I just watched “Culinary of Masters of Great Britain” on the Food Network and it was only about 3 minutes long…but they covered all of your great dishes- toast, porridge and Shepard’s pie.


Not many people know, but this is the real reason that GB&I was expanded to include the rest of continental Europe in the Ryder Cup. We were losing matches because the team #nutrition was not up to scratch.

We supply the players, the French, Spanish and Italians do food, wine and passionate gesticulating, Belgians and Germans supply lager for the fans and Scandinavian people look cool.


And the Scousers steal the opposition’s hub caps.


Smart to have a plan B to be fair; even if the US wins, there is no chance of getting the cup back to the States when the team bus is on bricks.



Though, as you pointed out earlier, they’ll probably not make it in the first place due to French strikes. It is September, the annual 'Maladies Bleu".


Reminds me of a funny story…
Years ago (1986 or '87) the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings were playing an exhibition at Wembley. They mentioned to the people who manage events at Wembley that they have always had their coaches sitting in the second level of the stadium during games. The English officials at Wembley were stunned, but wanted to please the Vikings and the NFL. When the Vikings arrived the next day, the Wembley staff had drawn up a sketch detailing just how difficult/impossible it would be to put the coaches in the second level of the stadium. When the Vikings officials saw the plan they had a good laugh. Wembley staff misunderstood “coaches” to be the buses the team rode into the stadium on- not the coaching staff.

When it comes time to renew our lease agreement on the english language in 2024 we’ll get that squared away.


Is this like that time you guys bought London Bridge and moved it to Lake Havasu thinking it was Tower Bridge?


To paraphrase John Trewick- “You’ve seen one bridge, you’ve seen them all.”

Look, Americans will buy anything. Including your cherished Manchester United F.C. But one thing we don’t have to buy is The Ryder Cup. Because it is ours.


lots of focus on Rahm here, which whilst correct misses out just how good Fleetwood currently is. Fair play Rahm is ranked higher, but we all know how OWGR points are skewed unfairly towards the Mega Money Country Club Tour where Rahm resides.

I also think ‘you guys’ have a big 4 with DJ, JT, Spieth & I guess Reed, though I can’t agree with Rickie being there.

I think the Euros are a bit deeper at the top end with Rors, Fleetwood, Rahm, Rose & Garcia. If Stenson turns up this year also…


Awww @fordy you’re lowering the tone with some serious analysis!


OK - well I guess I could go out on a limb as a Euro and state for the record that I hope to God you pick Tiger & Phil. Please, please make this so.

It would be more amusing that the Team USA outfits usually are.


And @Lazstradamus I’m a Chelsea fan and we sold out to the Russians years ago. Much like the current resident of 1600.

But probably best we avoid politics. Just like Trump does. Shit, I did it again.

Back to the Ryder Cup …


Tiger will make the team because as long as he’s fit he’ll be the only golfer ever shown on televised footage between now and September, making everyone forget anyone else even exists.