Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


I think you can book Captain America P. Reed vs. Jon Rahm leading off singles on Sunday right now.

If Reed gets hot again, Rahm will be slamming clubs by the 5th hole.


That’s less than a full ranking, but I respect your honesty. You’d make a great captain.


I think what will be interesting is to see how many of the potential US team come over and play in the French Open in June/July. I don’t think there is a particularly big event on on the PGA Tour side (The National), so it would be a no brainer for me (assuming the Euro Tour extends enough invites for a Rolex Series event?)

I could see Reed, Koepka doing it but would be good to see Schauffele, Hoffman, Berger, Perez and Co to come over and play the course. It could just sway a captains pick if they have a good result as well and don’t qualify automatically.


I’m sorry, Pat Perez? Why are you bringing Pat Perez into a Ryder Cup thread? Patton Kizzire I could understand…


I’d arguably be the equal of Faldo or Darren Clarke, ha!

For what it’s worth, my US top 8 (not necessary in order) guess at the moment would be;

Then I think the picks will be Reed, Tiger and Koepka for sure if they are fit and then it could be any one of 5 or 6 who perform well in the majors and/or playoffs


I would love to see Pat Perez on the Ryder Cup team. I think he has the demeanor, and game to make a great Ryder Cupper. If he stays consistent this season, don’t be surprised if he’s not in Paris.


My whole point is that IN ORDER, Rahm is 4th (maybe 5th) if he were an American
1A. DJ/Spieth
1B. DJ/Spieth
3. JT
4. Fowler
5. Reed
6. Tiger
7. Hoffman
8. Brooks (if healthy)

I see Rahm for sure 5th, maybe 4th.


He seems willing to travel and play a lot of events and events means points. I’m not saying he’s one of the best, but could easily win the Players or something (Si Woo!) and end up sneaking in. Same with Kizzire indeed.


I have understood your point perfectly. I disagreed :slight_smile:


At this time I’m really not worried about Rahm going up against your 1A, 1B and 3. Bit of a crap shoot over who has the hotter put on the day.

I’d take Rahm over Flower and (especially) Reed 8 days a week.


For some reason I read that in Colin Montgomerie’s voice. :scream:


All credit to you :joy:

Multiple major winner…


As a ferocious European I’m loving this!

I think we can all agree that whatever the lofty ambitions and statements made about the US team in the last few months, the reality is that it’ll be much closer than some people thought.

When it comes down to it, I think the US team are favourites and will probably edge it, but then they’re been favourites on paper pretty much every time its been played and yet have spectacularly failed to deliver on that promise often enough. Yes, this team is more of a ‘team’ than they have ever been, but it’s really down to form coming into the event, and the run of the green on the day. September is a long way away.

And Rahm is a beautiful Spanish bull, smashing his angry way through all competition. Ole.


@The_Cad_Says, we have a saying in the states- “that’s why they play the games.” You never really know until it’s over. But let’s face facts: this us team is a juggernaut even if Kizzire makes it.

Marinate on this fun fact: Patton Kizzire has as many PGA Tour wins as Thomas Pieters, Matty Fitz, Alex Noren, Shane Lowry, Tyrell Hatton, Paul Casey, Tommy Fleetwood and young Paul Dunne COMBINED.

And Kizzie still lives with his parents.

[Drops mic. Puts on smoking jacket and slippers and starts reading The Golfer’s Journal while Lee Greenwood’s Greatest Hit(s) plays softly in background.]


I see what you did here with the double negative - I also will not be surprised if he is not in Paris…


Rahm - Garcia
McIlroy - Pieters
Rose - Stenson
Casey - Fleetwood

To be the backbone of Friday Saturday. Throw in some wild cards to give the above players rest like
Noren - Levy
Hatton - Fitzpatrick

Big lead by Saturday night, see you in 2020 USA :slight_smile:


Cabrera Bello

Outside chance for; Fisher, Molinari, Poults, Levy, Kaymer, Dunne


I’ll pick up that mic…

By the same token Noren has more wins on the Euro Tour than the US team put together. In fact, looking at both Tours so far in 2018 US players have won only one of them (Woodland in Phoenix). And it’s in Europe, on a course most of the US team don’t know. We all know American players don’t travel well. And the road signs will be in French. Half of them will get lost on the way there. Or starve to death, intimidated by the angry waiters.

Spieth is a winner, but he does blow hot and cold because he’s basically rubbish tee to green. Only his ability to scramble and make putts saves his ass, and if he’s struggling with the short stick, as he is at the minute, he falls from being awesome to being spectacularly shit. So it’s all form for him.

JT has bags of potential but he’s young, untested, inexperienced and frankly capable of imploding like a petulant child if things go tits up (see Sat in Phoenix for evidence).

Rickie is pretty solid, but solid wasn’t enough in Gleneagles, where Rory destroyed him in the first 6 holes. And Rory is looking tidy right now. I’d expect him to be introduced as “5/6 time Major winner” come September.

The only real worry I have is DJ. Not simply because he’s a great player, but because he’s an idiot savant. Without the savant. He’s not smart enough to be influenced by external forces. His caddie just stands him over the ball like a gorilla in a travelling circus, points him in the right direction and tells him to hit it. He grunts and unleashes hell. The partisan crowd can shout what they want to DJ but he’s unaffected. He doesn’t really speak other than basic sign language and words like ‘eat’, ‘fuck’, ‘snort’.


Or Sunday at Erin Hills, that was rough.

  1. Genuinely pissing myself laughing at this post.
  2. Patrick Reed is familiar with Le Golf National and I have a hard time thinking that he wont show up huge again in the RC
  3. I wholly agree with you on Rory. He looks arms juiced, and if his putter gets hot it is over for all of his matches
  4. I actually (as an American) give team Europe the edge because I think they have guys who are hungry to get praised like all the young Americans are right now. I love JT, probably my favorite player, but I don’t see him settling well into France this year. In later years, I think he will be an absolute force though. With a home crowd behind them, I see Pieters, Fitz, Rahm, and Hatton just going absolutely off in September. Especially Hatton. What he did in Italy and in that stretch right before Race to Dubai on the Euro Tour was astoundingly good. And if J-Rose keeps his form through this season (granted, a big ask) he will be a nightmare to play. During the wrap-around events this year he was absolute bolts. Just firing at flags and sticking it close at will, which will suit the Ryder Cup set up well