Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


Totally forgot Harman. Early reports are that they will be growing the rough out at LGN and he doesn’t drive it particularly straight especially for a guy of his shorter distance, but fully agree that he is a guy to watch in 2018


Europe has a strong team if they can afford to leave RCB off. Went 2-0-1 in '16 as a rookie, has played well in the WGC matches too.


What are your thoughts on WGC matchplay being telling for potential Ryder Cup’ers? Never really thought about it until you brought it up


Not much else to go off of regarding match play, really. My only thought is it is the closest we can get to seeing how these guys perform in the match play mindset outside of their results in the RC/Prez Cup


Just pair JB Holmes and Reed together, easiest way to start an actual brawl at the Ryder Cup. But honestly it’ll be like Spieth, DJ, JT, Rick, Kiz, Phil, Berger, and I bet some combo of like X, Big Cat, Hoff, Cantlay, or maybe even Finau.


I think Finau is a very real sleeper pick for the team especially going off of his most recent performances. Have to keep reminding myself that it is only January


Well I’m buying stock early. He’s totally a sleepler cell pick.


Vdub hasn’t shown up in a while not sure what’s going on with them. I asked some golfers while playing Le golf de National and they said he is too many business interests as his back isn’t going to hold up in the long run.



as a european i would love to see


also think Dunne, Detry and especially Levy could play their way in. whoever plays for both sides this has the potential to be LIT


Will Furyk have the stones to not pick Phil? Unless he gets extremely hot, I don’t see where he’s one of the best 12 American golfers right now. I understand it’s hard to discount his amazing experience, but the U.S. will have to have the best 12 players to win, no sentimental favorites. Would Phil accept an assistant captain’s role?


I agree with a lot of above that I think that European team is probably more pickable at this point and barring injuries, I would think 10-11 players are set. Levy, Dunne, RCB, Poulter, Sullivan, Fisher, Kaymer, Wiesberger, McDowell (good RC and course record) are probably the ones who could force their way in with a few big results or captains pick

DJ, Spieth, Reed, JT, Kuchar, Koepka, Hoffman, Berger are definites I would think, then you have the likes of Phil, Tiger, Perez, Kizz, Kisner, Sneds, Zach, Finau, Schauffele, Harman.

Plenty of competition out there for both teams and only a few places!


Exactly. Phil has magic but I don’t think you can just hope for it if he isn’t contending regularly on tour throughout the season. Pretty sure we tried that last time Woods was coming back circa 2010-2014 and I don’t think it worked well (someone correct me…). I would like to see what US guys show up at Shinny and Carnoustie since that will be the two biggest tests on courses most similar to RC.


Guys…Guys…Calm down. It’s not going to be close. The US team is insanely talented. I’m glad Tommy Fleetwood’s on a tidy little run playing the Arabian Peninsula’s equivalent of La Quinta Country Club, but let’s not forget who we’re talking about here.
Spieth, JT, Reed, Fowler, DJ have been kicking the you-know-what out of their European counterparts their entire lives. It’s not going to change because they’re in Paris.
Reading a lot of hype about Sergio. Keep in mind, he’d be about our 8th best player. Rahm? He’s our 4th best. Maybe 5th if Tiger sneaks a captain’s pick.


Oof!! Trolltastic

You’ll get Soly in trouble with Europeans again saying that :wink:


No dude! I’m not trolling at all! I’ve been a Euro tour supporter for years. I’ll even admit to pulling for Europe back in the day.
You can ask @Soly or Sam Torrance, it doesn’t matter- if they’re being honest they put Rahm in the 4 slot behind Spieth, Thomas, and DJ. Anyone would.


I disagree with “anyone would”

Individual world ranking and career performance is a whole different bag to Ryder Cup and team performance. You could argue that Spieth has actually been a poor matchplay player and only been carried by Reed in previous versions and JT hasn’t even played in one yet and didn’t exactly handle a bit of crowd interaction last week…


Dude…Dude…You’re going to use the Waste Management as some type of a litmus test for Ryder Cup performance?
I am leaving OWGR out of this discussion intentionally because it’s a flawed system. I’m simply asking if you, @LeeJam88, first of his name, would kindly rank the American team 1-8 (as of today) and then tell me where Jon Rahm fits into that ranking. My guess is he’s 4th or 5th. And please give it an honest run. This is, afterall, a gentlemen’s game.


I think it’s more of a litmus test than saying JT has been doing it all his life despite never playing :joy:

I would say Rahm is second behind DJ.



Matt Fitz
Paul Dunne