Because it's never to early to start taking Ryder Cup!


So, uhhhh, both these rosters have the potential to be pretty stacked. Are we still thinking the Americans are somewhat significant favorites? I feel like the gap has tightened over the last few weeks/months.


Depends is PATTON KIZZIRE on the team?


Thanks to Tron and Soly for opening my eyes to the Euro Tour last week. Being a golf nerd, I enjoyed many Saturday and Sunday mornings with a cup of joe and watching the back nine of Euro events, but now I am diving all in.

If people aren’t jacked about the Ryder Cup already, then they have some problems. I think the Americans are still favorites but just barely. If I were making a spread I’d put it at 1/2 point. While the President’s Cup was painful to watch due to the disparity in team talent, the Task Force has done its job of getting guys to buy in. The team chemistry is crazy and the talent among the Americans is the best I can remember. And, they actually look like they’re having fun!

The European team is going to be loaded though. The usual suspects of McIlroy, Rose, Garcia, Stenson, Kaymer. Last year’s rookies, notable Pieters and Fitzpatrick, will be back with experience. And now you have guys like Fleetwood, Noren and Detry making noise.

Waiting 9 months is going to be tough. Will be fun to get a preview of the course during the French Open.


I’m starting to think Reed might not be the best golfer alive. Maybe I will come around.


Although I am pretty young I feel as though this has the potential to be one of the best Ryder Cups of all time. Le Golf National is an absolute matchplay gem and I hope they find a way to get most matches down to the last stretch of 16-18 which is unreal.

Both sides have some amazing young talent and it should be the set up for an amazing decade of Ryder Cups. The young Euro lineup of Rahm, Fleetwood, Hatton, Noren, Ftizpatrick, Hatton, etc. is actually terrifying. I think US has to be very very marginal favorites but in my opinion a lot of it is going to come down to the form both teams are in going into the event. Would it be crazy if Patrick Reed goes over to play the French Open at Le Golf National instead of playing the National which doesn’t even have a 2018 site! Would make for some very interesting decisions by Americans who make some appearances Euro Tour


I have played the course and it’s brutal as it’s always windy and there should be fescue everywhere


Sidenote: I think Pieters is in for a big season this year and will seriously contend for his first major


I’ve (unfairly) tried to craft ideal rosters for both sides and came away with this for Europe:


What would the Americans best 12 be?


Victor Dub and Alex Levy could sneak on as well - would be a good idea for Europe to have the home fans rooting for their countrymen.


You all hate the blade collar but lest we forget the mock neck. Nike is re-defining what it means to be alt-collar.


Forgot about Levy. Think he’d be a good choice in front of the home crowd. Plus, he’s entertaining as hell.


Phil (i think surefire captains pick)
Maybe Schauffele
Cantlay (I hope)
Hoffman (maybe)

This is just off the top of my head so I may be missing some, but honestly comparing the two lists I almost give the edge to Europe. Pls dont crucify me


I certainly won’t crucify you given US is 1-6-1 in last 8 RCs on Euro soil.


Exactly my thinking

Regardless we are in for an absolutely astonishing 3 day stretch


Current odds have USA -130 / Europe +125. I believe Europe should be the favorite, their roster will look something like this:
Rahm Rory Rose Garcia Stenson Fleetwood Pieters Fitzpatrick Noren Casey Hatton Levy???

The course setup will favor them, and they’ll be plenty motivated. Hazeltine was great and all, but let’s not forget the US has not won in Europe in exactly 25 years.


Think that list is pretty solid. Think Kuchar probably finds his way on. Would like to see Uihlein on the team, though I’m not sure how likely that is.

Also, Tiger!


Europe is looking scarier every week. Trying not to think about it too much being January and all, but yikes


Tiger on the RC might make these message boards actually drool. I think it is unlikely but would be AMAZING. Kuchar definitely finds his way on and Uihlein would be fascinating especially with all his experience in Europe. When do you think its appropriate to start looking at Tiger as a possible captain? I can already see the narrative of him and phil being co-captains in the stars


Brian Harmon would be a great addition to the team. The story about him making Fowler cry during the NCAA’s is awesome. He’d be a great foursomes partner. I’m curious to see what happens with Koepka and his wrist injury. Hope that 2017 isn’t a fluke year for him.


Ignore all the nonsense about the skill of McGinley’s captaincy (blue and yellow goldfish, pairings etc). If we learned anything from Gleneagles its that picking a crazy Frenchman confuses the US team and guarantees victory.

This role will suit Levy down to a tee (get it?) in Paris and he should be selected on recoil/club twirl to shot ratio alone (1:1).