Be A Player Pod

So I listened to the Be a Player pod finally and found it interesting. I’m an 8 handicap and have been struggling to break the par glass ceiling. I’ve focused on technique to the point of hitting buckets of balls for hours to no avail. I’ve got an 8 month old right now so my round number this year is in the single digits with no rounds lower than 84.

I started listening to the Be a Player audiobook after @Soly did the pod and I’m halfway through. Today, I played my first round since starting the book and shot 73 on a par 72. The best and worst part of it all is that I bogeyed 18 and was totally fine with it.

In short, this shit works guys. Anyone else have a similar experience?

got some folks already talking over here!

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You’ll find a good discussion on this topic here:

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Thanks. Kind of hard to sift through everything to find the right spot.