BBQ Grills

Two part question:

  • My 5-year-old Char-Broil gas grill won’t get over 300 degrees. The gas is fully open and it appears the burners are running normally, but it just won’t heat up anymore. Any ideas?

  • If that isn’t an easy fix, the wife has okayed me buying a new one (while simultaneously nixing a new mower). Any suggestions? I’ve heard good things about Traeger but had troubles getting high temps with my brothers one cool night. Otherwise, I’m in the dark on what to buy.

Thanks! :facepunch:

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I have no input, but I can’t wait until this thread turns into pictures of grilled and smoked meats. Someone let me know when we get there.


If you want a grill, don’t get a Traeger. It’s a very capable set it and forget it smoker, but it just doesn’t get hot enough for proper grilling. (This is coming from someone who owns a Traeger.)


Had an old Weber that wasn’t functioning well at all, ordered replacement burners and the triangle trays they use. Did a deep clean and it was like brand new.

However, just got a Weber Spirit 2 and it works beautifully. Now cue, all the guise to shame us for using gas over charcoal.


Thanks for your input. I’m mostly a griller, especially steaks here in Nebraska. I leave the smoking to my father-in-law. I keep it to the basics: ribeye, hamburgers, chicken breasts, etc.

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I take it back, I do have something to add. We got a Weber last summer and it’s so awesome. They’re a little pricey, but so worth it. Pretty sure there’s a 10 year warranty on all parts, at least on this model.


Had my eye on Spirit II for a while now, any complaints so far?

We have had a Big Green Egg for 3-4 years now. At first I was a bit embarrassed by all the stereotypes and the excess accessories/merch you can (and in some cases need to) buy. But I can definitively say it is the best grill I have ever used. I can’t see how I managed without it.

There are times I would like to have a secondary gas grill for cooking a few hamburgers or brats, but for a larger cook, I would never not use my BGE.

It costs a bit more than some other ceramic grills, but it has been money well spent in my opinion.


Weber. Hands down.


No problem. I’ve always kept an old Weber charcoal grill for all my grilling purposes.

Timely thread because I’m about ready to pull the trigger on a Weber gas grill. Researching my options. Having kids now, the ease and convenience of gas (especially for weeknights) is going to be clutch.

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Exactly. My wife cooks 5-6X per week. My night to cook usually consists of me coming home from golf and quickly grilling.

I’ve had the Spirit II for about 9 months. Works fine but with the Weber grates, it flared up quite a bit and was a pain to clean.

Ordered the grates from and it’s like I have a brand new grill. Zero flareups and it holds the heat at about 30% higher than traditional grates. They are money.


Knew I wanted Weber for their reliability and availability of parts when they need replacing. Spirit II has been great! I’ve had it for about a month now and use it 3-4 times a week. The sleeker hood design insulates exceptionally well. Medium heat will sit between 400-450.

I think the biggest draw back might be size. It will grill for a family of 5 well, but if I was planning to entertain, would have to cook in waves. We did wings 1 night with some friends right before the fall of Rome and had to do 2 rounds of cooking because it wouldn’t fit the 30 or so wings be had.

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I cook on a Big Green Egg. Probably 3 times a week.

Can get to 500 easily for steak and can hold 220 for 12 hours for smoking pork.

I light it, go prep, and it’s ready to grill when I’m done.

Never had gas grill so don’t know any different.


I’ll have to check these out. Haven’t had many issues yet with flare ups.

I’ve had a Weber Genesis for 8 years and still love it. I upgraded last year to Grillgrates (as mentioned by @BenJKodi) and they are awesome. If you’re looking for a gas option that will last forever, 100% spring for the Weber. Also have a Kamado Joe for smoking and grill on it when I have the time to get it going.

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FYI think this is the actual website:

I have a Napoleon. Great for meats, reaches very high temperatures with ease. It’s also easy to adjust the temperature on the fly. Has lasted many years, the most important thing to me.

What this gui said. My gas grill gave up the ghost last summer and my weber smokey mountain is kind of a PITA to use so I was looking for something new and a 50% off code for Traeger dropped in my lap at the perfect time. Got the 780 and thought I was going to do it all… absolutely not. It’s great as a smoker since a literal 8 year old could use it, and the app is pretty slick - can change temps/turn it off/etc while you are on the course once it hits a certain internal temp. But in no way does it get nearly hot enough for traditional ‘grilling’. I am actually going to get a small gas grill and put them side by side so I can reverse sear steaks/tenderloins etc and also just grill on a random Wednesday.

TL:DR: Traeger is like the easy button of smoking, but it’s 100% a 1 trick pony, do not think you are going to do anything other than smoking with it.

Also, traeger website does have some awesome recipes for grilling/smoking that I would encourage anyone to check out