Battle-ax / War Hammer show and tell

Everyone has a buddy who games an absolute war hammer (think Stenson’s dearly departed 3w, or Tiger’s Scotty). This forum is to show and tell your mature clubs, usually a weird wedge, putter or FW/hybrid/driving iron.

First, and most importantly, I’d just like to say I’m both ashamed and relieved. Ashamed at myself for thinking this was some sort of dick-measuring contest, and relieved that it is about golf…




This is my favorite club in the bag. 2006 Adams Idea Pro…few people here can attest to this club, she’s dangerous.



I’ve never seen this before, them locking fingers made me chortle


Dammit! It was all on YouTube like a month ago, but it appears to no longer be up. What a terrible and fantastic movie.

wtf channel y’all posting on :thinking: :thinking:

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Did you not catch my post earlier about starting an OnlyFans?


ca$happ me $5 and see what happens


I came into this thread with pictures ready and then I realized it was about golf clubs so I had to go take different pictures.

This is Olga. I bought her off the clearance rack at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2011. This might be my favorite club I’ve ever owned. When pured, the sound, the feel and the traj are unparalleled.

She has seen many things.

And she has the scars to prove it.

I’ve tried replacing her, but no matter how many clubs I demo, I can’t find one that feels better to me. I’m sure she’ll need a reshafting soon, and even that makes me nervous. I’d be devastated if I lost her altogether.


The day you figure out you should putt with this club, we’re all in trouble

Anytime I try the TX wedge with it, it just comes off wayyyy too hot

Poor Olga


RIP Adams Golf.

This baby has been around for a while. It is about time to replace it though.


If thats a UST Proforce shaft, I’m in love

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The sad thing about these clubs is that most of them will die by cracked club face. Such a sudden death

Good eye. It is indeed.

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Don’t ever let it go. If you find yourself replacing it, hit me up. That’s a very sentimental shaft