Barstool shoutout by JDay


I tried to listen to a little of their recap pod from the US Open and it was horrendous. It was just them talking about how much access they had and that the USGA loves them. I don’t think the word “credential” has been said as many times in the history of the English language as it was in the 20 minutes I listened to.


I just started to follow BSS just to see what all the hubbub is about. I don’t get it, but Riggs had a US Open credential and seemed to be rubbing it into a lot of faces…not just deadspin.


Riggs and the fat one wouldn’t shut up about credentials the one day they were featured on the USGA social media. Real effing annoying.


Looks like they are at it again. Nothing JT said was inaccurate.


I absolutely love when Pres trolls golf fans. I’m all in on it.


I strongly dislike Riggs and think he’s a clown who doesn’t know much about golf. However, no one in the world is better at trolling than Pres and its always hilarious. His latest tweet about jt and the ryder cup cracked me up


I’m all in on some good trolling when its warranted, this is just dumb though. “Barstool Sports and America are officially in JT’s Head” is a stupid headline.


I love the people that defend barstool as if it’s some high end enlightened art piece and not just some adult bros thing to appeal to younger college bros with tits and toilet humor. If they just acknowledged that they are a byproduct of college humor / chive pivoted to sports and occasionally annoying, no one would care. But since they ruthlessly defend themselves like they all rushed as Sig Ep together, well…

“No but you don’t get it. You’re just jealous! So in your heads!”

Either way, golf fans from all factions should just politely enjoy a tourney.


It is like the worst parts of Total Frat Move & the Chive got baked together and then covered in a terrible sports take icing.