Barstool shoutout by JDay


Which makes it even worse. Imagine getting the chance to actually play Shinny and you get stuck behind a guy using unlimited mulligans. I’d straight up murder him for ruining the experience. What an asshole


The interesting debate to come out of this, actually, is, would you endure what Riggs is enduring right now to play Shinny in Open conditions? It’s a tough call.


G dammit USGA.Capture


After watching some of the videos they posted, I don’t know if it would be worth it. Riggs had to wait forever to hit on #11 while Portnoy sprayed tee shots all over the place. I’d go nuts and not even enjoy the round if I had to endure that repeatedly


I agree, but playing shinnecock for free may be worth that shit show.


Yeah but dont the players want MORE drunk dbags wearing basketball jerseys of players from before they were born at the tourney yelling dumb shit?


I’m amazed that Portnoy was able to do anything with that swing. For him to complete the shots from the US Open tees, even with unlimited mulligans, he has to drive the ball decently far.

It looks like he’s swinging a baseball bat


I haven’t seen any videos, but I’m assuming the gimme circle has significant width and angles.


he actually had to get it in the hole, but he’s also trying dozens of putts on each hole

eventually you’d get something in


that’s the main reason i’m still skeptical. from the videos i saw of his tee shots, i would think his best drive would top out at like 280. I just dont see him birdie-ing a 250 yard par 3, no matter how many mulligans he gets.


Sheesh! Looks like a classic 30+ handicapper swing. May be lucky to poke that thing out there 220. Do we know that he played the championship tees?


I’m trying not to get triggered. Anybody with a semblance of a swing can shoot -4 with “unlimited mulligans”.

I know he’s just trolling for content but nothing about it proves a point.


I honestly dislike Portnoy more than maybe anyone else in media, but they had video of him on his final two holes.

It’s really just not that hard when you think about it. It’s pretty much a 4-man scramble, except you never miss a putt inside 20 feet.


I was skeptical before, but after watching videos you realize how incredibly easy it is with unlimited mulligans. No reason a single digit handicapper couldn’t birdie every hole, unless you are unable to get it to the green in regulation due to the length.


Agreed. I was expecting him to struggle, but I vastly underestimated the advantage of unlimited mulligans. I still can’t believe he put his first tee shot on the green on #2 with that shitty half backswing stroke of his


I’ve been a PFT Commenter fan back to his KSK days so I’ll listen to his podcast from time to time, but the rest of the brand including their Golf stuff is not great. It’s already been said below but they don’t have that balance of fun and expertise that NLU has that I’ve come to really appreciate as my interest in the game has grown in the past couple of years. I get the appeal of Barstool stuff generally but not in this regard.


I’ve noticed there’s been a lot more pods featuring only Riggs and no Trent.

Also all of the recent golf excursions to fancy courses have been Riggs only



Laura from Deadspin did a piece on Barstool, PFT Commentor, their culture and following.

It went as expected


A quick Alexa search shows ranking at 244 while Barstool ranks in at 330 (NLU is around 38,830.) Barstool trending. Twitter: Deadspin 1.09M Barstool 1.17M. Again, Barstool trending up.


Deadspin is just as terrible as Barstool in my book. They often try to claim the moral high ground but this is the same company that published the sex tape of a former wrestler and got rightfully sued to smithereens, among many other indiscretions.

This Barstool/PFT vs Deadspin slapfight is just an absurd pissing contest.