Barstool shoutout by JDay


If we’re talking Riggs/Trent vs. Soly/Tron, how many shots does Foreplay get? Gotta be at least 20 with trent


I’ve never listened to the Fore Play pod but by itself the lame pun in the name is a red flag. The only Barstool people I follow on twitter are PFT, Chaps, and Dan Katz. The first two are great, Big Cat could be great, and I’d rather all three be somewhere that isn’t Barstool. Again I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t consume much of their content, but the vibe I get from Barstool is weird. I don’t really know how to describe it, other than I don’t really want to spend a lot of time with a Stoolie. And, of course they linked up with Gary Player.


Barstool Smokeshows IG is the only barstool thing worth following lol


Feel like this is the most Foreplay thing they could have done. Gary Player probably doesn’t know who they are or what behavior they endorse and somebody in his PR team told him this is how to get younger people to like him. Poor Gary.


Just let me know when I can start asking them when the Wolf Hammer game is taking place? 1/2/5 dollar dots?


I am listening to their Master’s preview and man it is awful. I know Spieth hasn’t putted well this year but it isn’t like he is that far off and going full Smiley.
He has played 9 events, with 7 top 25. I don’t think he is that far off, just needs a couple good days with the putter.

They sound like they aren’t following golf at all except headlines and to say “OMG it’s Masters week” “OMG Tiger is back, buy our shirts”


I find it funny that the terrible song that Fore Play uses as their intro/outro literally has the phrase “no laying up…” in it.


One of John Daly’s finer accomplishments.


I used to be a big Barstool fan, but now I really only listen to Pardon My Take. And even that I don’t enjoy nearly as much as I used to.

I loved their content years back where their stuff was actual blogs, usually about sports, or videos where they’d send one of their personalities somewhere. Big Cat at the WNBA game was one of my favorite videos back in the day.

Now they’re basically just a bro version of Buzzfeed, and their fanatical following on social media also kinda drives me nuts. It’s pretty weird to me honestly. I cringe every time I see/hear a Saturdays Are For The Boys thing. It’s just weird how desperate for friends their following all seems. I’ve never seen a following of a site be so desperate to get retweeted by the writers. It also goes to how the #stoolies will defend the site and writers constantly, regardless of issue.

I gave Fore Play a shot, which I think lasted 2 episodes. Not anywhere in the same stratosphere as NLU.


Thought this thread was gonna be the perfect opportunity to talk about overlapping Tron beef between Barstool and JDay lol. Personally I loved the days when shots were fired between NLU and Barstool. Peace in our time I guess.


Barstool has somehow finagled their way onto playing Shinnecock today. Riggs from ForePlay is playing with Portnoy, who is playing with unlimited mulligans in a ridiculous attempt to ‘prove’ he could win the US Open with said unlimited mulligans. He sucks, but has projected a score of four under for himself (birdie every par 3, par the rest). I personally don’t think he will even break 100 and there is no chance he birdies the par 3 second or seventh.

I guess this will be good content for them, but there’s really only so much you can watch of some idiot getting beat up for 18 holes. Mostly I’m just jealous he gets to play Shinnecock in tournament condition


I think thats the difference between Barstool and the NLU guys, who are trying to be formidable members of the media and game.


I used to be a big Stoolie but my interest has really faded since the move to NY basically, I just enjoyed the old school long form blogs and how the guys were all actually relatable back then. 100% a natural progression for them given their success, just no longer enjoy their content like I used to.

With all of that said, tough to compare NLU and them. They’re 100% a comedy brand that just also happens to have a golf podcast now. Most of their new talent/podcasts stink, but they truly have an incredibly loyal following that will consume basically whatever content they push out.

It’s just so obvious this is all about a successful exit for the equity backed guys in the company, once that happens I’m sure they’ll lose even a big chunk of the current stoolies as most of their big names will then move on to different places.


based on Soly’s social media being in NYC this morning i feel like he will be involved in US Open Media Coverage today as well


Barstool said “we need someone to produce golf content - it’s an untapped area for our cargo short wearing, ba-ba-booie yelling trogolodytes,” and the Foreplay pod guys stepped in. They’ve faked it until they’ve made it because the majority of golf followers don’t know the difference, but it’s pretty obvious to an acute observer that they know sh*t about golf, the tour, courses, history, etc.

I miss @Tron peppering Riggs with his sarcastic jabs at their “groundbreaking content.”


What an abomination.


It’s all about the content for them. They will make a ton of content from Dave trying to do this (spoiler alert: He will fail miserably, and he sucks at golf). No comparison between them and NLU but can see why they’d have a bunch of crossover fans.


I’m just now becoming aware of this whole Barstool Shinnecock charade. What a joke. The whole thing is a perfect summation of the USGA, and its misapprehension about what is good for the game of golf.

First, the whole “challenge/argument” is a transparent ploy from the start: Portnoy claims that he can win the US Open with unlimited Mulligans, which Foreplay “refutes” because “Shinnecock is hard and Portnoy is bad at golf.” None of this should be subject to argument - obviously, no golf course can withstand a concept where the large degree of error that exists on every golf shot is completely eliminated - and so long as this bum can occasionally elevate the golf ball, Riggs cannot honestly believe in his position. The whole thing is a ridiculous charade that preys upon the idiocy of the USGA C-suite, but which will nevertheless generate a bunch of traffic for their sh*tty site and get them access to the US Open venue three weeks before the tournament.

Second, the fact that the USGA bought into this conceit is a terrific example of how poor American golf leadership really is. The casual golf observer that watches this gonna leave with a bunch of feelings that support the public-at-large’s thoughts toward golf: golf is stuffy, and elitist; very few people have access to golf; therefore, golf should not be learned, but rather, mocked and torn down. This kind of stunted understanding of the game leads to opinions like this one - takes and opinions that have more to do with class and politics than anything to do with the sport.

But the USGA is dumb enough to think that this is the way to appeal to the casual, or potential golfer. It’s junk food for the game - satisfies an immediate hunger, but ultimately clogs the pores and cements the public’s perception, and its dispiriting to watch. Literally nobody will watch this, and grow in their interest/understanding of golf. Before you get someone to start buying clubs, and paying for rounds, and watching the tour, and blogging on obscure golf blogs, you have to get them interested in the game, and you don’t do that by undermining your sport’s foundation.

This is all probably going to feel like an overreaction. Oh well. Some truly groundbreaking stuff going on over at the Foreplay pod.


I enjoyed reading this beautifully-written post. But I don’t think the casual golf observer is leaving with any feelings other than Portnoy is a clown, and I wish I were playing Shinny right now.


Didn’t know other media was playing today. That being said, doesn’t really change my opinion:

Doug kick him off the tour.