Barstool shoutout by JDay


I hadn’t. Then I noticed that they got backed/bought by Chernin Group, same people who did the Headspace deal and a few other media deals I admired. So I started looking at their content and it’s very Boston-y, East Caost-y. Not my cup of tea and not going to watch anymore than I have.


Like somebody already mentioned here, it’s pretty easy to love PMT and hate everything else Barstool. They won’t, but they could leave barstool today and wouldn’t skip a beat. Can’t lump them in with the rest of Barstool like you’re doing.


PMT is the best audio content available out there. Would be a major blow to barstool if they had the opportunity to leave. PFT is a comedic genius.

As for Fore Play, I’ll listen if they have an interview with somebody worth listening to. It’s not in the same league as NLU for golf content, guests, and takes.


Just saw on Twitter these buffoons are going to Augusta for the week and staying with Gary Player…
I just can’t even. 90% of the people that work for barstool fell ass backwards into a great job with so little talent.
Riggs is fine. He at least can talk golf but Trent is a cringe fest, but neither of them have any of the talent or passion that the NLU guys have. I guess when you have grown up money behind you and a few people with some talent/connections at the top that have paved a way for you it’s easy to get this kind of access.


Yeah I did a double take when I saw that…I guarantee there is zero good content that comes out of this too. And I have serious doubts about Trent knowing who Gary Player is.


They’ll just attempt to do his morning workout and he’ll ramble about his diet and how much he travels. Count me out.


I agree can’t stand barstool. I don’t mind riggs but I think portnoy just cares about clicks/$$$$ and encourages those baffoons that yell at the course.


there will be a looped video insta story with Gary Player running on a treadmill


Well good for them I guess. Barstool seriously lacks in content outside of Pardon My Take and they won’t provide anything decent out of this most likely. Honest question, would Trent even know where Amen corner is?


as long as white, college, fratboys exist, Barstool will exist.


I don’t even think that’s the problem. Sure that’s their stigma or whatever but barstool exists and does well because there’s too many mainstream media types that take themselves too seriously.
I like some of the stuff barstool does and they’ve expanded a lot with the move to NYC, but the problem is there is so little talent outside of a few people. They’ve grown into this footprint that they could really kill, and they’ve got people like Trent covering one of their demographics most popular sports. It’s like they said hey whose played golf before, okay now cover the sport. It’s not knowledgeable. It’s not funny. It’s just not good. I don’t care if barstool wants to cater to a lower common denominator. That’s where they are at and it’s worked for them. I’ll consume some of the content. No different than if I visit deadspin or golf digest. There’s stuff I’ll like and stuff I won’t. Barstools biggest problem going forward will be if they can outgrow a lot of the talent deficiencies that they currently have. I’d guess 75% of the quality stuff comes from about a half dozen people there and that’s it.

Edit: it should also be pointed out that they’ve mastered social media. For better or for worse it’s been huge in why they’ve grown to where they are.


I was out on Fore Play when they did a recap of the Match Play and they made it clear they had never heard of Barnrat before. No excuse for not being familiar with the legends.


Ya I agree, also their social component is a lot more fratty and college targeted than their actual content which makes sense for insta and twitter. But ya the bench is light recent hires have been solid Francis is hilarious, Rone (smitty brought him in a while ago but that was just to do sixers stuff) is immensely talented, chaps is funny in doses, I enjoy PFT most of the time, and Pat and the Heartland guys are solid on radio and pod. The older guys outside of Dan and Pres have regressed imo, KFC’s takes have become so outrageous and KFC radio is just cringey sex talk (even cringier when you go back and listen to the stuff pre scandal) Nate’s a douche and everyone else is irrelevant. I know they are much more focused on podcasting and radio now but I rarely read blogs anymore and I’ve been reading since like 2010-2011


Guys it’s Soooooo cool that Fore Play is staying with Gary Player - the least liked, most meme’d, old timer who nobody gives a shit about.

Who is their biggest guest? I’m curious bc compared to Rory JT and Bones multiple times, and throw in DJ, do they boast a roster of “friends of the pod” like NLU?

Also, I would put down huge money to take on Trent and Riggs in a 4 ball with anyone in New York (@TheMerchCzar)

If any Stoolies wanna make that happen, step up


Anyone who joined post-Chernin has done extremely little to impress me other than allow their lives to be captured for video - which I guess is a skill(?) I’ve always given props to Portoy’s hustle. Some of the Originals are decent and have put in time. But everyone else is the product of big money and branding and you could put absolutely anyone in those spots if they agree to be filmed and it’d be exactly as entertaining or smart. Their golf popularity is due to Tiger and if Tiger wasn’t playing this year they’d probably have dropped the gold coverage altogether


To be fair it’s not like they haven’t had anyone on the Podcast. NLU and ForePlay are the only golf podcasts I listen to and I prefer NLU much more, but off the top of my head Foreplay has had Hank Haney, Kevin Kisner, Charley Hoffman, Kevin Chappell, Danielle Kang, Pat Perez and the list goes on. They may have not had someone with the status of Rory/JT/DJ, but I would say they have “friends of the pod”. Kisner has been on multiple times and Gary Player has been on as well, I don’t think they would be staying with him this week in Augusta if they weren’t “friends”.

I never understood the hypothetical ForePlay vs. NLU battle between fans. Both produce good and entertaining content, just targeted at different audiences of people with a different level of passion for golf.


How many times will Gary Player try and get Trent to do sit ups while he’s there?


Can’t stand how everything that comes out of Riggs is either a blatant brag about playing a nice course or making it seem like he knows more about golf than anyone. Cross eyed fuck


Well said, while they are not always my cup of tea, I do pick and choose which pods I want to listen to. As I mentioned prior, the only thing that really bothers me is the cadence that Riggs uses in the intros and live reads. Other than that, they are fine.


They absolutely have supporters and ultimately it is good for the game to draw more interest. My big issue is that they promote interaction to is detrimental to the overall product. I want 10,000 ppl on every hole Ryder Cup systle! I do not want them yelling at the players, cheering obnoxiously and disrespecting the overall ambiance that is the PGA Tour. I do not find that stuff endearing - but I’m sure I can be viewed as somebody who is not into “growing the game”. They banned the Preakness Derby parties for a reason - I’d hate to see the PGA Tour go this option (not suggesting it is close but it’s a parallel, nonetheless).

The other thing is they claim to be SO original with their content. They do content that literally anyone at home can do and their supporters defend it beyond comprehension. As a genuine golf fan, I much rather enjoy more sophisticated travel content, and tour insights.

I owned my “hate” when they got on Golf Channel and congratulated them. I would LOVE a Ryder Cup style NLU v Barstool event. CONTENT FOR ALL!

Edit: I also want to try out for said event and make the NLU team :slight_smile: