Barstool shoutout by JDay


Barstool has the subtlety of a Hardee’s commercial. There’s a difference between making golf #content that appeals to the casual fan, and posting golf-adjacent bro videos that appeal to the lowest common denominator.


i can tolerate riggs and i enjoy frankie because as a LI guy he talks about the courses in my area. i think both are golf fans and really enjoy the game. i hate trent. brings absolutely nothing to the table. ill listen to the pod but i dont think ive ever clicked on a golf related blog. the podcast basically fills the gap during my commute.

id prefer to listen to NLU or the fried egg over foreplay any day of the week


Like you, I’ve been a fan of PMT from the beginning. I believe it was the catalyst to how they got all of Barstool’s podcast revenue up and running. KFC Radio was a forefather and built a sizable following, but when PMT took off it brought exposure to all of Barstool’s eventual podcast ventures.

You’re spot on with your assessment of ForePlay. It’s just poor, there’s no other way around it. I don’t begrudge the two for taking advantage of all the perks that came along initially thanks to Barstool’s platform, but it’s clear they’re not cut out for it. It will be really interesting to see how long of a lease Portnoy gives it, seeing as Riggs has reliably found an escape hatch in “Cousin Riggs the Host” in his new Sirius morning show with Portnoy Esquire.

I just hope people stop equating the two brands because of the symmetry in NLU fan’s attachment to the majority of what Barstool has to offer (without the stain of this atrocious podcast.) Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel most of us here would appreciate if more love was shown to these guys’ podcasts, not just Soly’s but perhaps a certain Trap Draw? @Tron


IMO he was referring to the broader Barstool brand rather than Foreplay. I’m not going to pile on Foreplay, that’s covered pretty well above.

When comparing NLU to Barstool Golf (Foreplay) they obviously cater to different audiences, but that doesn’t mean you have to side with one or the other. Its Bethpage Black vs. Bethpage Yellow. You can’t tee it up on the Yellow and expect to get the same quality/experience that the Black brings. They’re suited to different level of golfers.


Agree… if Riggs is smart he dumps Trent for Frankie Borelli. Borelli and Riggs could produce some great content. Two episodes of Fore Play that stick out to me are when they had Borelli on recapping Sunday at the Masters and when Riggs & Borelli played Bethpage Black and talked about it on the podcast.


I’m with everyone else. Trent doesn’t know anything and I think, to be fair, that really limits what Riggs can do even if he does have some knowledge. They need to dump Trent. Maybe that means Borelli takes over and maybe that means Riggs is on his own. It doesn’t really matter but quite trying to shove Trent in there when he doesn’t know anything other than Tiger Woods and rooting against Ian Poulter.


Certainly agree that Trent is a fish out of water although their idea is smart for the marketplace currently. They wanted to cater to the common golfer (which is why Trent was a cohost), who go out on a weekend, drink a cooler of bud light and watch/bet the majors. That being said, more people who care about golf relate to Riggs/Frankie knowledge of the game more than Trent’s and they’re voices are certainly the loudest. The casual fan isn’t diving into the intricacies of architecture and Spieth’s SG Putting rank.

@3wiggle makes a good point with the swings: I need my coverage coming from someone who at least looks like they can break 80. Watching a video of Trent at an LPGA event was brutally bad content. All that being said, the ‘From the Gallery’ segment and stories are always a highlight since most relate to my/our day to day games.

Golf needs the younger generation to take over since most of the old guard is being literally passed by. The coverage has been stale (see CBS) and storylines are all the same. It’s fun to see the behind the scenes of a tour pro instead of viewing them as these gods the media makes them out to be. That’s why seeing Day shout out Barstool is great because it shows he’s scrolling through Instagram and laughing at the stupid stuff just like we are.


El Pres just tweeted that Justin “The Ambassador” Thomas stinks and that everyone defending him is marshmallow soft. I assume this is all in reference to him getting a fan ejected at the Honda yesterday.

Less than a week after the Fore Play boys get slurped on morning drive, the Stool comes out with that awful take… I’m out on those guys covering one blade of grass. Enjoy selling Natty Light at the Augusta Hooters.


Awful take about Riggs and NLU. @Tron Care to discuss? Also may need a friendly match between Soly and Riggs


Ya they are talking about it on the radio. Pres knows nothing other than Jimmy Renner, KFC is just cynical like always and Riggs and Trent are jealous that they won’t get the time of day.

Pres is unlistenable since the Super Bowl loss, just sour, he needs to ask the former first lady if he can get a weekend in Nantucket to unwind


Used to be a huge stool fan. Everything they do now is just miserable though. Can’t remember the last time I’ve even laughed at any of their content. Actually unsubscribed from all their podcasts last week and don’t miss it at all.


I’ve been a stoolie since 2013. I don’t think that it’s black and white that if you like NLU you can’t like Barstool. First and foremost Barstool is a comedy site. It’s the main reason NLU wouldn’t work with Barstool. I remember back in the day Trent used to be a friend of the NLU pod and a casual golf fan but even back then he wasn’t really funny, just the loveable fat kid from Iowa. I gave Foreplay a chance but they struggle with trying to be taken seriously and comedy. It’s pretty bad but maybe it’s for the casual fan. I’ve just never found Riggs or Trent funny tbh.


I grew up outside of Boston and went to school at UMass so I’ve been a fan of Barstool for 10+ years. I think their rise over the past 4-5 years has been fascinating and they have one of the more loyal fanbases of any brand that I can think of.

Having said that, Foreplay is one of the worst products they put out. Riggs at least seems to be a fan of golf and is knowledgeable of the game, but Trent brings absolutely nothing to the table. 70% of their takes/content revolve around Tiger Woods.

They gave themselves a weeklong pat on the back for the Jason Day shout out…if he’s that big of a fan of Barstool how come you have never done ANY content with him? No videos, no podcasts, absolutely nothing. You would think with the power of their brand and the strength of their podcast network they would be able to get better guests than Brandel Chamblee, Steve Sands, Austin Cook, etc.

Pres going after JT and talking about trying to #savegolf should be pretty funny content though. He’s clearly playing up a shtick and I’m going to enjoy all the people on Twitter who don’t understand his trolling.


I listen to PMT and that is about it for Barstool stuff. Occasionally I will read something I see on Twitter, but I am not a “stoolie.” I really did try to like Foreplay, but like others, it is pretty terrible.

What they do is not comparable to what NLU does imo. They are creating content for the weekend hack or the guy, like a lot of guys I know, who want to golf as an excuse to drink and be outside.


I fully understand that they gear themselves as a “comedy” site, but I rarely laugh at their content. To their credit, I think they’ve realized their revenue and attention lies in the bro culture, and now they just play that up with every single blog, tweet, appearance etc. Portnoy’s golf blog today is just weird. It’s not funny, and just weird. Can’t really tell who he is gearing the content towards.


I’ll admit since the move to NY and the transition to radio and podcasts it hasn’t been as funny. PMT is successful but that shtick gets tiring. With the big advertisers they really aren’t as cut throat with their takes as in the past and besides Rone, PFT, Heartland, and Francis the new hires have been horrible. It’s still the original 4 that drive Barstool. Pres is Davey Pageviews, he knows he can rile up golf people and get clicks by “saving golf.” He also got to use it as a talking point on his radio show which killed time. Either way he’s always hated Foreplays content and calls them lazy so he saw a chance to grab headlines cuz Riggs sure as hell won’t and pounced.

Also, Pres has been on a roll lately doing his annual troll of hockey twitter. Cycle the puck, pucks on net. Drives hockey twitter nuts. He’s doing the same with golf.


I have zero patience for Barstool/PMT. Zero. I have less patience for Jason Day visualizing shots in his Youth Medium size golf shirts.


I honestly didn’t know anyone other than teenagers or early year college students listened to Barstool?


I think you’re right…but they sold about 50% of it for just south of $20MM. That’s some grown-up money right there.


But you said you had never heard of PMT last week.

I love barstool and love golf, but cannot stand the combination of the two together. Fore Play SUCKS