Barstool shoutout by JDay


Saw Jason Day gave a shoutout to barstool for the new media coverage yesterday, basically said some of their stuff is stupid but a lot of it is funny. He was talking about the new media avenues for golf and how they were good for the game. Surprised he would shout them out as their foreplay podcast is pretty mediocre (haven’t listened in a while since I didn’t enjoy it). I know @Tron had a little beef with those guys at one time, wanted to get some thoughts on that.


I enjoy Pardon My Take a lot, but Barstool and Foreplay fail miserably at covering golf with any nuance. Riggs and Trent also have horrific swings making 99% of their content unwatchable.


I’m sure his knowledge of barstool, like most peoples, is the instagram page or maybe the main twitter page.

I’m a barstool fan, listen to PMT and spittin’ chiclets all the time, and enjoy Pat Mcafee and his boys. Their golf coverage and foreplay stink tho. I think Tron’s issue was Riggs came out and said how they are going to change golf coverage and then proceeded to write tournament preview blogs, something NLU outgrew atleast a year prior.


Do people actually want to watch golf writers/podcasters play golf? I’ve never understood the argument that people wouldn’t consume any ForePlay material because both Trent and Riggs suck at golf. I could care less how either of them, or even Soly/Tron, play. I’m here for the jokes and taeks; which ForePlay fails to provide either of. Trent also knows next to nothing about golf. Combine that with Riggs’ try-hard effort to be a more professional golf writer while also giving off the “common bro golfer” vibe is like mixing water and oil.


Don’t mind the Foreplay pod; they do get some decent guests. Those guys are not true golfers/fanalysts. More of a giggle fest than true dive into the world of golf.

In a recent pod, the main guest was ribbing the caddie who got the putter cover thrown at him for talking about the rules in form of numbers and dashes (ie. rule 206-2). Riggs said that he needs to come up with a better name for that rule as it is “ridiculous” that he was using the number format. He then proceeded to hang up on the guy for that reason.

Obviously those guys have never played in a tournament or have ever cracked a rule book. Lost my interest at that point.

Do agree with Jason Day. Golf needs more media outlets that are outside the norm. Much more fun and interesting for fans. Sick of the dumb articles on golf digest.

This is why NLU is the GOAT.


I generally equate competence on the course as a good proxy for golf knowledge. It seems like they were forced to start covering golf and have zero background in the sport. In contrast, it’s very clear the NLU guys have been fans for years and draw on that knowledge base.


Riggs and Trent have both been adamant that they dislike Barstool posting the golf cart Instagram videos.

I agree on the point about Riggs. Would also add that they were over-the-top at the beginning about how all golf podcasts suck and are “stuffy” while they’re both clearly aware of NLU.


The idea of their coverage is great, but the actual coverage stinks. To be fair, they get some good guests, but their overall knowledge is awful. They’re essentially the homeless NLU. Calling them the poor man’s would be too generous.


Foreplay’s best shows are when they relate personal experiences, because I find it easier to relate to them as they are still outsiders.

One of them went on a last-minute trip to Saint Andrews. It was a decent story and I usually hate travel stories.

Also I like the “from the gallery” segment.

The forced humor stuff is forgettable and weak.


Not to mention the ridiculous quantity of advertisements that have nothing to do with golf.


I’m also a barstool fan, that’s how I knew about the shoutout. I actually like Riggs and think he does know a lot about golf, probably would fit in pretty well at NLU actually, but Trent is just an awful fit. Barstool doesn’t try to cater to the true golf community as much as broad coverage and stuff they want to go viral.


Does anyone see the possibility of Barstool buying out NLU or it being under the Barstool umbrella in the future? They’ve done this with other entities and personalities - Old Rowe, Rough N Rowdy, Michael Rapoport. I think Pres knows ForePlay sucks, and how much more can NLU grow on its own? You can’t deny Barstool knows merch and podcasts.


I truly hope that’s never a possibility. I like some Barstool stuff, a lot of it just really, really dumb. I think NLU is way different than Barstool, and so much more consistently good.


18 months ago it made more sense, Barstool has committed to the golf coverage for better or for worse, I’m sure most would argue the later, meanwhile NLU’s brand has exploded and they have proven their ability to get premium guests on their own. Monetizing NLU is a different factor but Barstool struggled with that pre-chernin too. Plus we’re really in month 1 of NLU 2.0 with Soly, Tron and DJ all fully committed to #Content


Riggs seems to actually watch golf while Trent knows nothing, I think this is why they have started to bring in Portonoy’s personal assistant Frankie to the show to add some more knowledge (he caddied at Bethpage through high school so he at least knows what a golf course is unlike Trent). The guests are pretty good but you get a lot of the Barstool dumb questions where as NLU asks legitimate golf questions so take it for what its worth.

The “from the gallery” segment is the best thing they have going for them, its good and funny to get an outsiders perspective on the hot topics that always arise during a round with the guys.


Frankie the pizza maker is a great reoccurring guest

I definitely have had an experience like The Bridges in Florida

he’s also a LI guy too!


Have been a huge Barstool fan for years but unfortunately I can not stand their golf coverage. When Riggs started covering it I gave it an honest effort but just couldn’t do it. Now I read everything BUT their golf coverage. Doesn’t seem right considering golf is my #1 most desired content. Makes me wonder how many other true golf fans they are missing out on.

Trent and Riggs are cringe-worthy. Riggs comes off to me as an arrogant, try hard who is in way over his head when it comes to golf coverage. His content has no depth and 90% of the time he defaults to writing about the basic, low hanging fruit of the golf world. Sometimes I wonder if he is just doing it so he can have access to great courses.

With all that being said, I try to keep in mind that the casual golf fan does not like to get in the weeds like we all do. What he is producing is fine for the casual golf fan and they see it as quality because most of them have never heard of The Fried Egg, NLU, etc and have no context for what GOOD golf coverage really looks like.

I’m indifferent on whether I’d like to see NLU merge with Barstool. If they did, I’d like to see them just under the umbrella but stay independent. Having their resources and audience would certainly help NLU grow but I wouldn’t want to see their content dumbed down at all. It would be nice to have Barstool be a one stop shop where we could get good golf content.


Frankie should have always been the co-host, not Trent. Dude knows absolutely nothing about the game or the Tour other than watching Tiger win a few majors when he was young. Riggs surprised me at how much of a golf nut he is, but I find him so damn annoying. I subscribe to it in case they get a good guest, which they have actually done pretty well at, and I’ll fast forward to listen to the interview only. I get too mad listening to them discuss current golf stories and giving AWFUL advice in the “from the gallery” segment. I cringe every time they say “playtrons” too, but overall it’s bearable and I’ll listen if I’m out of pods and see a good guest.


This is exactly why barstool won’t take over something like NLU. I think the target audiences are way off.

A square is a rectangle, a rectangle isn’t a square.

Patrons of NLU may very well be in Barstool’s target. Patrons of Barstool are seldom in NLU’s target.

I started listening to PMT on episode 2. After while I tried the rest of the Barstool content, but could only really stand a few of their writers (Francis, Rone mainly)

Foreplay just stinks. Their commentary on players has been hijacked with Tiger’s comeback way too much. Their reviews of courses are no where near the level of discussion Fried Egg/NLU can give. Their guests are okay but not near where it really should be for a media outlet that has gained as much attention as Barstool. But that’s probably okay with them.

Remember PMT is mostly poking fun at the ridiculousness of sports media, and the satire hits very well. The whole brand is common man sports, and in-dept PGA tour analysis and conversation about Golf course history, architecture, and pure golf getaways doesn’t fit. I can bet Portnoy knows that and is okay with Foreplay being a bit of a joke.


I listen to Foreplay only when there is a guest I care to hear from. When they are actually doing an interview it’s ok, the one thing that does get under my skin is Riggs’ cadence (if that is even the right term to use) when he is doing live reads or conversing with Trent. While he does come across as a bit arrogant, I think that is the norm for most of the BS staff…Different stokes and all that