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Hey guys, new to the board so don’t know if this has been asked before. Any of you guys take a Bandon trip recently? Does it make sense to drive from any of the closest bigger airports or is it easier to just transfer and fly in to North Bend from Denver or San Francisco? I’ll hang up and listen. Thanks

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Boom. Roasted.


It’s a right of passage thing. Everyone does it, so don’t be discouraged. Welcome!


How does this get by the moderators though? Shouldn’t it be incumbent on them to prevent this type of stuff? @Randy, correct me if I’m off base here but is that not part of content moderation?

Not sure if serious, but there is no mod approval needed to start a new thread.

My first ever thread in here needed permission, that was back in February I think. Maybe it’s since been turned off for newbies.

When you make a new thread it tells you there are similar threads. You have to very much make an effort to ignore that warning and hit post.


Moderators? Who?

This is great. Thanks for being so helpful!


Just got back from a November trip. To my knowledge, Denver only flies to North Bend during the summer months. We fly to Eugene, rented a car and drive the 2 hours to Bandon. Easy drive and saved us a few hundred each in flights. Plus got to check out the brewery scene in Eugene the night before we flew home.


Awesome thanks for the info, we are looking to go in early to mid August. Will definitely check out the Eugene flights. How was the weather for you guys in November?

Any Eugune Brewery recommendations?

We spent 5 days/4 nights the first week of November. I feel we lucked out with the weather. Each day was sunny and upper 50s and low 60s, winds 10-15 mph most days.

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We visited Hop Valley Brewing when we arrived to Eugene. It was conveniently located next to our hotel in northwest Eugene. Following our last day at Bandon, we stopped by Ninkasi Brewing Co and Steelhead Brewery. Hop Valley was probably my favorite but all had good brews.

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Fly to Eugene or Portland. By far lower risk of weather related flight delays. As noted, Denver to north bend only part of year. San Fran to north bend once a day I think and can be delayed.

Drive from Eugene easy and if you’ve never done it somewhat scenic.

Eugene 2.5 hour drive
Portland 4 hours
Seattle don’t recommend but doable.


Seems like an unreal package

They’re all $25,000 per foursome (and all feature the same “highlights”)

Obviously I can’t afford this, but someone can. $6,250 each for all that seems more than fair.