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A college kid here with a college kid budget but has an unfortunate obsession with golf. Looking to get more golf balls but hesitate every time throwing 50 bucks at pro v1x’s and the like. I saw Vice golf balls are cheaper and say they have same performance but also hear bad things. Suggestions? Places you go to get cheaper premiums balls? Help me so I can put more than ramen on my table!

How do you feel about recycled / refurbished balls?

You’ve got Golf Ball Nut or Jerry’s Golf Balls (and many more out there)

On a side note, I have an excessive # of old ProV1 / ProV1x in my trunk / bag and would be happy to ship to a broke college kid, if you pay shipping…we have all been there


Buy last generation Bridgestone balls for under $30/dozen or last gen srixon. You aren’t giving up performance.


I have heard to stay away from the recycled and refurbished balls… but not entirely sure why. As for your old balls, are they like prior gen pro v’s? Because I very may well be interested.

Personally when it comes to balls on a budget, gotta go with Snell golf balls. Dean Snell was responsible for developing the OG prov1 and TM to red, black, and penta. He started up his own company a few years back and are priced around $30-26 a dozen depending on how many dozens you buy. Personally I’m a big fan and I’ve heard questionable things about Vice


I played Vice for a couple years and liked them. I switched to Snell, which are great. I would recommend Snell over Vice.

The only thing I will say about Snell or Vice…performance wise they play fine.

Durability wise they are not up to par with a Pro V

Case in point, the hit a cart path, the Vice or Snell cover is done, unable to be played. The Pro V will scuff, but its not literally a hole in the cover like the snell or vice tend to get.

There are a couple potential reasons. They may have been at the bottom of a lake for an unknown length of time, which some test have shown can affect performance. More than that, most have been repainted so that they “look” new. The paint is imperfect and subtly minimizes the dimple pattern and effect.

Now if you just buy old/used golf balls out of @pushdraw’s trunk, those are probably fine.


This is why I went away from Vices. Any sort of contact with anything other than grass and they are done. So while I saved $ on the original purchase, I used way more by having to take them out of play.

Of course, if you keep it on the fairway and greens, it’s a good ball.

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PM me about your stash please! I am interested!

I actually saved a snell from last weekend, but its not in my car right now. Literally like 1/6 of the ball, chunk taken out. Finishing that hole was fun.

Right now, as far as a ball you can play multiple rounds and no issues, for the money, last years gen of ball is the best buy imo.

The vice even without a cart path look like they are 5 years old post round

Any sites you guys go to to buy those prior gen balls? Dont wanna go down a wormhole and get burned by a lousy site.

logo overruns, but Tigers ball for 28.99

combine 6 packs for $20 dozens of srixon

It looks like MyGolfSpy testing is going to say Titleist and Bridgestone are the highest-quality, most consistent manufacturers. I’d look for last year’s models, closeouts, sales.

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As much as MGS is kind of silly at times, everyone else (golf digest etc) and players everywhere agree.

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I’ve played Vice Pro Plus for three years and had no issues. If you don’t wish to go that route I agree with everyone that prior generation deals are the way to go.

Golf Galaxy website is running a flash sale on some prior gen golf balls today!

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Has anyone compared the Bridgestone ball to the ProV1 or Chromesoft? Or can you point me in the direction of where this may have been discussed

I have played Bridgestone and Titleist but haven’t played Callaway. Both Bridgestone and Titleist are awesome. Might be my awful game but Bridgestone might be a tad more spinny overall

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Prior edition models, buying multiple dozen (when Titleist is doing a buy 3/get 1 sale that’s when I stock up). Logo overrun balls are another great way to save money.