Australian Open 2019

I feel like Jason Day pulling out is just to distract the public from the fact that Smylie Kaufman is playing on a Golf Australia invitation.


I volunteer as the refuge’s on the ground reporter, even with the absence of JDay rolling on the ground.

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Badds also a late withdrawal, citing personal reasons

Hillsong commitments?


field actually looks pretty good compared to last year

Just a pity they’re staging it where they are…

What are your Top 5 venues for an Australian Open Mr Mollica? RM is out because of presidents cup.

Blake Windreds walk through video of the most crucial holes was pretty uninspiring


In recent years the Australian Open has been played in Sydney, and the Australian Masters in Melbourne. So RM is out in any case.

New South Wales is probably the best recent venue. I attended the 2007 and 2008 editions at The Australian and Royal Sydney, respectively. This was before I was golf woke, but I recall that Royal seemed the better and more interesting venue.

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In no particular order,

Royal Adelaide
New South Wales
Kingston Heath
Royal Queensland
Lake Karrinyup
The Lakes

@MatthewM The Lakes really confuses me as a course. I love the front 9 holes which are mostly interesting holes in the dunes, but find the bulk of the back 9 around the lakes quite prescriptive and unimaginative. Am I missing something?

My only experience of the course is walking it during last years aus open, but that’s basically word for word my takeaway.

13 is a pretty great hole though imo.

Yep, 13 is a little ripper. It’s an easy birdie/easy double.

I think the front nine is the better of the two. But I still feel the back nine is interesting and a good venue for the pro players of today. Also close to the city centre which is a plus for GA hosting their flagship event.

Pros might take driver or play conservatively from the 10th tee. They may or may not go for it on 11, with danger lurking for either a poor drive or pushed approach. 12 can play hard and scores could vary from 2 to 6 on 13 as you and @BD8 say. 14 isn’t really a challenge for a pro these days with the length they drive it. I enjoy playing 15. 16 is tough with the pin cut just over that front bunker and 17 demands some nerveless play late in the day with water on the first and second shots.

Not the Mona Lisa but a good test for pro players, well conditioned and close to town and a major airport.


went through my photos/videos from last year, sneds can play a bunker shot

Looking forward to 2020 and 2022 at KH and Vic I don’t understand why The Australian needs to host it every other year '21 and '23. NSW and Post Hanse Royal Sydney would be great.

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The test in 2020 and 2022 will be whether anyone turns up.

If Melburnians were as accomplished at attending golf tournaments as they are at feeling entitled to host them, the Aussie Open wouldn’t have gone north and the Australian Masters wouldn’t be dead.

The Australian and Royal Sydney aren’t great courses, but they work well for sponsors and corporates and, in defence of Sydneysiders, the crowds have been beyond healthy.

Shots fired :slight_smile:

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The World Cup at Metro did alright even though the weather was horrendous. Likewise, the Vic Open seems to have found a nice slot for itself in the golfing calendar and is drawing big crowds. If they get the ticket pricing right and focus on the everyday fan rather than the corporate ticket-holders (who will be there only for the boozy lunch and to take a few swings on a simulator), the event will do well.

I had forgotten how much I had missed the petty Sydney / Melbourne rivalries, it’s like two cranky old neighbours arguing about which of them has the better manicured lawn.