Australia Trip - Need Advice and Golf Partners!


Just planned a trip with my wife to Australia. We fly into Sydney and then… we have no idea what to do next. We’re thinking Melbourne after that but also want to see some interesting things and not just spend time in cities. Would love some ideas on what to do!

Secondly, definitely bringing the sticks and looking to hit some of the highlights as well as some less-known courses and would love to play with some fellow NLUers. We’ll be flying into Sydney on January 17th so if anyone is interested in going for a round or two let’s do it!


All the Melbourne Sandbelt courses are great, but check out St. Andrews Beach down on the Mornington Peninusula. When you play it, make a full day and check out the beaches and seaside cliffs at the nearby National Park. There’s a decent microbrewery you could hit for lunch or dinner as well. Lastly, no trip to the Melbourne area is complete without a visit to 12 Apostles and a trip down the Great Ocean Road.


How long are you here and where do you fly home from?


We’re flying back Feb 2nd but leaving from Auckland - haven’t booked our flight from Australia to NZ yet


Thanks! Trying to get away from just hanging in cities but I seems with Melbourne we can get away quite easily


Not golf related and it would require another set of flights but I think you need to see the Great Barrier Reef, even if just a day trip on the water. That’s all going to be bleached to hell in a couple years. That chain of islands around Airlie Beach is pretty damn spectacular. Don’t think you can go wrong up there for a few days.


Looking to start making some tee times, anyone want to play?


@AutoVodkaPress I’m located in Sydney, not a member of any club yet as I’m a newbie to Sydney, but keen to get a game. I’ve been playing a course called Long Reef as its handy for where I live, its not bad, relatively well priced and has fantastic views. Have a look and let me know what you think.


I’ll join for a round at Long Reef for sure! Also look up Twin Creeks - if you like the look of it then v happy to take you for a round there. The other one that’s worth a look for a social round is St Michaels - check it out too!

@imac25 - looking at playing this Sunday. You up for it or will you be at the Aust Open?


I would be up for hosting at NSWGC if I’m in town then, @AutoVodkaPress. There’s a chance I’ll be away.

If you were to arrive in Sydney on 17/1 and fly to NZ on 28/1 you’d have a good amount of time to spend time in Sydney at the start and Melbourne at the end and road trip between the two, via Canberra, the NSW south coast and Mornington Peninsula. Would give you a good summary of what’s cool about Australia.

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing you may want to pack in the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Great Ocean Road in and have lots of internal flights. Depends what you’re after I suppose.

Australia is the same size as the continental United States, so getting from place to place takes some time.

Tasmania is amazing, but if you’re already including New Zealand you’ll get a ton of the same vibe there.


and @Shooter Thanks gents! As we finalize our plans I’ll reach out if I can make that happen. Trying to balance hitting some of the top courses and keeping the wife happy


Would love to join you for a round at NSW. I’ve been in contact with the club and have a tee time for Monday, January 21 right now.

Appreciate all of the advice as well! We’ve actually decided to do a few extra days in Sydney to do the Blue Mountains and Melbourne to do the GOR (and sneak an extra round or two in). Looking at going to a Sydney Sixers game as well, would you recommend? Thought it would be a cool sporting experience.


@AutoVodkaPress I’d definitely recommend some T20 games, I wasn’t really bothered by cricket at all until i went to a T20 game when over here on holiday, but I’m a convert now! T20 is the perfect introduction, not too long and they try to make it fun. Something similar should be done in golf to hep grow the game for kids. Would be great, kind of like what the European tour is doing with the 6 holes comps etc.


I think I’m going to head to the Aus open on Sunday @Shooter. The following weekend I’m in Tasmania, how does the weekend after that, 1st/2nd or 7th/8th work?


Awesome! I’m semi-familiar with cricket since some of our developers watch the IPL in the office when that’s in season - excited to see it live!


I’m not going to be able to join you next Monday @AutoVodkaPress, I’m sorry. I’ve got a funeral at 11am an hour away from the club, so basically eliminates the whole day.

Any outstanding things you need help planning or sorting?

And if you need a local to give info/assistance with anything while you’re here, I’m on +61403125569.