August Presidential Address

Hello My Fellow Refugees

I hope that today finds you well during these trying times. It has been a tough year, and I think we are all ready to put this one in the rear view.

Before we get started, I want to share some personal news. This past week has been very challenging personally. My wife woke up feeling sick this past Sunday, and we ended up going to Urgent Care who sent us to the ER. Katie had a neurological issue that caused bleeding on her brain. Fortunately for us, the local hospital is Duke, and thanks to their great care we have a diagnosis and most importantly it is a temporary condition and there appears to be no long term effects. She is still in the Neuro ICU, but should be going home in a few days. I really appreciate the well wishes I have received from many of you over the last few days, it really does reinforce that we are a community of real people who face real challenges from time to time.

These first few weeks as President of the Refuge have been a learning experience, and I appreciate the grace many of you have shown towards me as we figure things out going forward. This was all made possible by you and for that I will be eternally thankful.

I’ll concede an instance or two of being overzealous on moving a post or two or locking a thread, but in the end it’s not a big deal.

I’d like to thank the mods, @Lazstradamus @OffTheDole and @Just-a-little-right for weathering a bunch of unwarranted criticism from our community anarchists/shit stirrers. You are doing a great job pointing folks in the right direction, helping figure out how to handle issues, and most importantly developing guidelines for future moderators. If nothing else, we are making life a little better for Randy so he can focus his efforts on creating content, reading, eating ice cream, and of course swiping right.

In terms of the Refuge itself, the health of the community is very good from a data standpoint. We’ve talked a lot about how much it is growing, and that is certainly the case. However, the Refuge is a lot more than the numbers, it’s special because of the real community of real people doing real things. We have raised thousands of dollars for a number of great causes, we have a large number of real friendships that have been forged, and it’s all around the game we love so much (even if we hate it sometimes too).

The entire point of my candidacy was bringing people together to play golf, I stated this during my candidacy and this is still what matters most to me and what most of my focus is on.

Seeing events happening again is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak year, in addition to the numerous local informal meetups in groups small and large (practicing appropriate social distancing of course). This is what it’s all about in my mind.

Event planners deserve a round of applause from all of us, these events don’t just happen, they take a lot of time and effort on the part of the organizers. In addition to the events being planned, there are a lot of great threads. A few of my personal favorite threads are the Music thread, Woke When Broke, any of Laz’s game shows, the adventures of Blaire and Annie, the Zocco Files, the COVID Thread, Daily Deals of the Day (seriously consider if you need to buy something before opening, this thread will be mentioned in a bankruptcy or divorce court at some point), the Peleton Thread, The Formula 1 thread (like many of you I am a new fan), and Last Thing You Buiied 2.0.

To newer Refugees, I would direct you towards:

  • your local Roll Call Thread and the Royal and Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers (shout out @the_Cad_says),
  • Daily Deals of the Day,
  • Last Think u Buiied,
  • threads devoted to your favorite golf destination (or ones you are interested in travelling to),
    *The Music Thread (currently figuring out the best hip hop song of all time)
    *The Three Gorges Thread (a lot of promise in this one)
  • any of the Tourist Sauce, Strapped, Trap Draw, NLU Pod, or other NLU Content threads.

These are great places to get started IMO.

The search function is also your friend. Before starting a new thread, see if there is another thread that already exists (usually it does). In the event you get a little crap, stand up for yourself, but refrain from taking it personally.

In terms of guidelines on behavior, Laz summed things up pretty well here:

  • No hate speech
  • No doxxing
  • No sexism
  • No racism
  • No ageism
  • No sacred cows
  • Yes to welcoming new people
  • Yes to supporting each other
  • Yes to @davidc being David C
    • Shoutout to David C, who helped me out with PPE guidelines saving me a bunch of time
  • Yes to letting your freak flag fly
  • Yes to people who are different
  • Yes to debate
  • Yes to learning
  • Yes to the right kind of time honored traditions

The Refuge is going to be what you make of it. If you want to talk about golf and golf adjacent topics, go for it. If you want to stir shit, go for it but be prepared to take what you give. If you are in this to meet like minded people in real life, this is the spot for you.

Finally, I would like to thank Randy, Tron, DJ, Soly, and Neil for bringing all of us together in the first place so us weirdos can come together. It’s wild to think about how many people you have brought together by setting up this weird and wonderful place.

Thanks and Craic On!




Sorry to hear about your wife, hope everything is ok.


But also ^^^


glad to hear some positive news about your wife. hoping for her continued recovery!

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Read it or don’t read it. It’s all good either way.



Thinking of Mrs. DBD and wishing a speedy recovery and return to complete normalcy


I stopped here because I immediately broke down into tears


Go ahead and mention @aannddyy00. It wasn’t unwarranted, and because of what Andy started, the refuge has been a blast lately. The internet is digitized anarchy and other than the hateful aspects that you all have done a good job getting rid of, it should stay that way.


I do have one real question here. We have been dealing with extreme loads quite a bit lately. Is this just a feature and not a bug now?

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I must say I’m glad to see the monthly Presidential address is published on a more consistent schedule than the monthly Nest podcast we all pay for.


One thing that I’ve been wondering is if @aannddyy00 has to put rocks in his pocket when the wind kicks up to keep from being swept away like a plastic bag.

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When I heard there was going to a Refuge president, I figured it was going to be similar to me getting a World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug for Father’s Day; It’s a nice mug, great sentiment, holds the coffee like a champ, but I’m not going to try to use it to wield any powers as the world’s greatest dad.

That said, I’m glad your wife is on the up and up. Scary stuff and if you need anything, reach out.


New to the Refuge/Nest. Glad to hear your wife is doing better. Exited for the future and your direction


At its core, what thee moderators and I are doing is taking some of the load off of the guis. Thats really it. Nothing has changed other than we are crowdsourcing some of the “work”.

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Uh, oh. Another pilot on here. Will he lean more Swade or Eric D?


First and foremost, Dave I hope your wife has a speedy recovery, very glad it is temporary

As an anarchist - I would like to thank Zac Blair and his golf cart baby for breathing life into the TBC thread. It was beautiful. I would caution the moderators to remember, the TBC thread wasn’t great because you “allowed” it to be, it was great on its own. It’s the other way around, we as a collective allow you guys to moderate. For now.


Dammit. Complaining about someone’s outlook on the internet and pasting a crappy gif link is a bad look.