Aug 14th - Join us at Sandpiper GC Golf Outing

Hey everyone a bunch of us from the refuge in Southern California are going to do an outing at Sandpiper golf course. You will remember this course from Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 4, Sandpiper GC with Micah Pueschel.

We will be playing on Aug 14th at 1PM, if you want to come hang sign up here:

Hit me up if you have any questions!


sounds great, I am in.

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We only have 2 spots left and then we are sold out!

Thanks to everyone

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Well this sucks we are going to have to cancel the outing at Sandpiper as the course is in bad shape and they didn’t want us getting disappointed.

Stay tuned for a reschedule in potentially Oct/Nov

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Ugh. What a bummer for you guys.

Just posted review in LA roll call as heads up. October/November of next year maybe. The course is absolutely shattered. Look at some pics online people are posting on the reservation sites. They need to nuke it from orbit and start over.

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