Attending the 2022 Ryder Cup

I need help. The good news is the wife agreed to a roughly 2 week trip built around attending the Ryder Cup at a course that may or may not be built somewhere near Rome.

The bad news is I have no idea how to execute.

Ideally we would find a way to spend time in all the major areas of the country. Would love to potentially spend a week in Southern Italy and at least a few days in the North around the Ryder Cup days in Rome. Definitely open to only attending 1-2 days of the tournament as I’ll have an 11 and 10 year old (both in to golf).

Any tips appreciated.


Sounds awesome!

I went to the 2018 in Paris and did a 10 day trip the same year in Italy - are you looking for tips on the Ryder Cup aspect or the Italy part?

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I have a billion Marriott points, but it seems Airbnb might be better, particularly with 4 people…

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Get the villa and get the maid/cook package.


For the golf - we had all of us enter the lottery for tickets (6 total) and 3 of us got in. Talk to your group about how much golf they really want to watch. Our significant others (and myself, frankly) weren’t interested in more than 1 day on the course, so we bought Saturday passes. I think the lottery started about 18 months in advance - you can create a ticket account on the euro page and get an alert.

Have you been to Italy before, anything in particular you want to see? I’m always partial to spending more time in 1 to 2 locations rather than sprinting around an itinerary. We usually plan an HQ then go off on day trips. If you have the points, we spent 6 nights at the St. Regis in Florence (book 4, get the 5th night free) and rented a car, drove out to Tuscany for vineyard tours, cooking classes at an Abbey, etc. etc… I think @The_Cad_Says is the euro travel expert based on what I’ve seen, but I’d be happy to give some recommendations from what I know once you start planning.


do florence & venice, we spent like 5 days in rome & even tho there’s a lot there it kind of felt like a lot

Amen. Venice is just fucking sick. Can’t recommend enough. It was surreal being there. Florence was awesome too, and may have been something I would have overlooked if I had planned trip on my own.

I went on a coach tour (Trafalgar was company I used) and it would have been overwhelming logistically had I not. Enormous lines EVERYWHERE for big attractions and we skipped most of them because of our guide. Not telling you to use a company, but I’d seriously try to consider stuff like how am I getting in to the Colosseum, into Venice proper, the Sistine Chapel, etc. I know you know these are worldwide attractions, but the amount of people at these places is mind blowing. If you think you are just going to show up day of and wing it, you will probably be disappointed to find it will be hours of waiting or not possible on that day.

We’re planning to do roughly the same thing. Glad you got this thread started. I think you’ll get a lot more value out of the Marriott points by using them for the flights, if there are any airlines left by 2022.

I think we’re fine skipping the tourist attractions. I need help crafting an itinerary. Everything I read is that southern and northern Italy are awesome in completely different ways and Rome is a dirty tourist filled city that isn’t that fun but you feel obligated to explore. I would love to rent a house for a week in Tuscany, spend a few days in Rome for the tournament, then go north for 4-5 days. No idea if this is feasible, what the transportation would look like, or how to book non hotel accommodations.

Piedmont sits between Milan and the Med in the northwest… really amazing countryside mljntains and wine country. Home of Pesto and cured meats, if that’s your thing, and the people are great, more relaxed and chilled. If you’re going that far north happy to share some more thoughts

If this is the first trip to Italy I envy you. You are in for an awesome experience.

Cinque Terre is ‘can’t miss’ in the north of Italy IMO.

I spent three years living in Italy and enjoyed every moment. Wonderfully mad country and a great place to take your kids.

A couple of words of caution. Compared to travelling in the US, Italy can be a little bit crazy. Driving is chaotic at best and the roads leave a lot to be desired. It is also a fairly big place so my number one piece of advice is don’t try and fit in too much. The best part of Italy is sitting in a cafe and watching the world go by.

I’d start in the Riviera, somewhere like Santa Margherita (you can fly into Genoa) and spend a few days exploring the coast… Portofino, Cinque Terre etc…

Then spend a day driving down to Florence via places like Pisa (only point is to see the tower) and an old medieval walled city called Lucca.

2 days in Florence is fine. Book tickets for the Uffizi with an English speaking local guide and try and fit in the Boboli gardens.

Then head for Tuscany. Truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Base yourself in a village like Greve in Chianti and have a couple of days exploring, visiting wineries and eating the amazing food.

From there head down to Rome via Siena (great place for lunch and an incredibly beautiful city) and the E80 coast road.

Rome is a big city but the history is incredible. It is like walking around a giant film set. The Colloseum is an absolute must closely followed by the Pantheon, Trevi fountain and Vatican.

For your week in the South I would base yourself somewhere on the Amalfi coast, like Positano. From there you are close to Sorrento, Pompei and Naples.

Enjoy your trip and happy to answer any question you have!


Wow, fantastic info, thank you!

I know little compared to troublelove, but I have visited Italy and had a family vacation planned there this summer (oops). My two cents would be to look at AirBnB and VRBO. What I found this trip and the previous trip to London was that unless you are going with the big chain hotels (which you might be) that the typical American room with two queen beds is a rare thing in Europe. If there are multiple beds, they are usually twins. If you search for 3 or 4 people and 1 room, you see some strange configurations. OTOH, I found Venice to be absolutely loaded with apartments for rent, at prices that didn’t shock me. I expect it would be the same in the other tourist areas. Of course, I was shopping in February for travel in August. Maybe all the locals in Venice head to the country in August and finance their vacation by renting to American tourists.

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