Attending KPMG LPGA Championship

I’ll be attending my first LPGA event this weekend. Anyone else from the Twin Cities that are attending? Traveling to attend? I’m looking for advice on attending the event, and would be happy to advise on where to play golf / eat / drink while spending time in the Twin Cities.

Play - Chaska Town Course and Deer Run. Reasonably priced and near Hazeltine.
Eat - Fine(ish) Dining at 112 and very casual fare at Brasa. Both are great values and located in or near downtown MPLS.
Drink - Find one of a thousand great breweries or distilleries, preferably with outdoor space.


Have fun! A few of us will be there all week. Hope we can say hi.


The Iron Tap in Waconia is one of the low key best spots in the western metro, go there for great American food and beer, it’s maybe 20 minutes from Hazeltine. Downtown Waconia has a nice small town vibe to it as well.

Island View golf course is near there as well, which is a pretty enjoyable course.

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I might be there on Saturday. Will you be out mingling with common folk or will you guys be exclusively up in the KPMG suite smoking Cohibas and drinking Pappy away from the poors?

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After hearing the NLU guys will be there, I’m really considering on making a solo trip down on Saturday. What are ticket prices looking like?

We’ll be out working! All over the grounds. Though hopefully traveling like this: image

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Don’t know about tickets but hope you come on down!

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Siiiick. I’ll be on the lookout for you guys.

$12 on stubhub. Seems like a no brainer.

Just checked Stubhub, $12 for Saturday at the moment. So basically the price of a beer at a Tour event.

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That’s absolutely nuts, and kind of a disgrace. I would consider paying more than that just to wander around the course for a day.

For sure, it’s even worth it just to go for a couple hours if you can’t commit to a full day.

Will you guys have any time for recreation or is this a strictly business trip? Also - sad the other half of the Strapped Duo won’t be making the trip. St Rappeo!

Supposed to head out of town this weekend, but am currently dealing with a dog with serious complications to her cataract surgery so maybe staying in town. Should know more later this week. If in town going to try and head out there Saturday as well.

The $12 ticket makes the tank of gas from Duluth to Chaska worth it. I’d be spending $100+ on drinks all day Saturday during Grandmas Marathon if I wasn’t leaving.


Very sorry to hear about your dog, wishing for a speedy recovery.


Will any Refugees be holding court this week?

Thanks, it’s been a rough week. Gotta give props to @Lazstradamus (and the refuge in general) as the jeopardy and wwtbam threads were huge last week at keeping me occupied when things were bleak.


@Randy are you guys going to film a Minnesota Strapped episode while in town?

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I’ve been out seeding courses with Callaways just in case!!

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