Atlanta Area Hidden Gems

I have two entries into the “hidden” list, both oddly enough within 10 minutes of one another.

Chattahoochee Golf Club (Gainesville): Typically right about $30 to walk, home of Masters Champion Tommy Aaron. Course feels a little bit like the UGA course in Athens but a little easier on the scorecard. Awesome greens, fun layout. From what I understand they have a membership with several old dudes hitting low single digit handicaps. Owned now by the city - great muni!

Chicopee Woods Golf Course (Gainesville): Also right around $30 to walk - has 27 holes each with their own “flavor”. Love the little starter shack to direct golfers where to go. Another great layout with awesome greens - a bit more elevation change that Chattahoochee.

Can’t recommend these two courses highly enough! I drive an hour to play these over closer options charging 2-3 times the fee.


@Tron curious about your thoughts on the back 9 at Echelon. Must rank within the “weirdest” or “absurd”, no?

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I love it. Haven’t played there in at least five years but from memory: 10 is a fun one down the hill, 11 is batshit crazy/awesome (that drive haunts me,) 12 is straight up the hill and nuts, 13 & 14 are exhilarating, 15 is a slog, 16 is concerningly normal, 17 a great little par three and then 18 a beast up the hill. Shot 76 with 5 birdies there one time and it felt like the round of my life.


I’ve played Echelon once, but it was back when it first became Echelon instead of “The Georgia Tech Club.” I remember loving the course, but it’s been a long time and I need to get back over there. It’s not far from where I live.

@Tron I think you pretty much nailed it but I’ve got to be honest, you surprised me by starting with “I love it”. I enjoy the front nine of the course but find the back 9 to be just really forced…albeit I’m not sure they had many options with that property.

I’d gotten into a conversation with the pro there a few years back about the history and vision for the property. Really interesting stuff - the type of story that reeks of early 2000’s suburban sprawl and greed. The short history of the club alone has been about as up and down as the back 9 itself!

It’s definitely really forced and there’s a couple godawful holes. But there are also more exhilarating shots and fun holes on that side. The highs are higher - most of the front just feels like regular Rees Jones. Echelon and Achasta were my choice over pretty much any other public courses in the greater Atlanta area.