Atlanta Area Hidden Gems


Alright, Atlanta area residents… will be in town for a wedding the first week of May and will be looking to sneak away to get in a round or two.

Any recommendations on can’t miss courses or hidden gems?

Not very familiar with the area outside of the big time championship courses (East Lake, Peachtree, AAC etc.)



The Frog GC or Cobblestone GC are both good, but a little ways out of the city (~45 minutes). Worth it if you can’t play any of the private clubs though.


If you’re willing to make the drive north, try and get on at a Currahee Club.


Echelon is fantastic, but it is also ~45 minutes north of the city. We tend to play Wolf Creek a lot… relatively close (30 minutes from downtown) and inexpensive ($75 on a weekend, lower than the other good courses in ATL).


Echelon for sure is one of the better public courses you can play

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+1 for Wolf Creek and the Frog. Conditioning tends to be a bit better on those than other area courses (at that price). I’ll also throw in Cherokee Run, especially if you’re anywhere on the east side of town


Not sure how convenient it will be but Bears Best on the NE side of town is good. Curahee is great but a long ways from Atl. I believe a course called Governors Town Club in Acworth (NW of city) has some public times every day esp during the week. East Lake is not impossible to get on if you have a few connections. GoodLuck

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Thanks for all the suggestions, will definitely look into these!


Def suggest bears best to play. Also found a little public course called heritage golf links when I was up there for work and was very impressed. If you have any hook ups try and play Cherokee town and cc.


I played Bears Best and didn’t love it - probably because it was exactly what it sounded like, a Frankenstein of all the ‘best’ holes from Jack Nicklaus designs. $100 for a hodgepodge course with (from what I remember) a lot of similar driver-9 iron par 4s and trees encroaching on almost every hole wasn’t my favorite experience. Definitely recommend the Frog, has some ANGC vibes with huge pines and some cool elevation changes. Not sure how much free time you’ll have with the wedding but Sweetens Cove (2 hours each way if speed limits are suggestions to you) is obviously incredible. We’re playing there in 11 days and I’m already psyched. Also playing either Governors Towne or Echelon, will report back after that round with thoughts.


How about south of City?

I fly out at 9 pm and thinking of 1 of the grand nationals in the am and maybe another closer to airport in afternoon.


We played Governor’s Towne on the Tuesday of Masters Week and it was a great track. Not in the best shape with some fairways too wet and others too dry, but the layout is wonderful. Lots of elevation change, but very few blind shots. Greens were in excellent condition, and a good mix of long and short holes. $68 for 18 with a cart midweek. High recommend.

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I’d echo what RobbieV said about Bear’s Best, I don’t love it. It feels very forced on to the land there’s not a lot of flow to the holes and the styles contrast each other far too much. I’ve always said Atlanta is a horrible public golf town. I like Governors Towne Club a lot, fairways are a bit wet this time of year but greens are great. Echelon is fantastic but outside those two, nothing really blows me away.


If you can make it up to Adairsville, Barnsley Gardens is great. Always in good shape and never crowded. About 1hr north of Midtown without traffic.

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Golf inside the perimeter is miserable unless you play at a private course. As far as the private clubs go, some people may not know about the Crabapple Course or Settindown Creek (must plays if you can work your way on). Big Canoe is one of the coolest courses I’ve played, a lot further and private, but worth mentioning.

Outside the perimeter there are a ton of nice public courses depending on how far you want to drive. IMO The University of Georgia Course is one of the best public courses in Georgia with slippery greens when they get them rolling. Cobble Stone is a fun course with great views of Lake Acworth. I would definitely consider The Frog a hidden gem. St Marlo is closer than the other ones i just mentioned (near Atlanta Athletic Club), has good rates on golf now and is an awesome semiprivate course with a lot of elevation change. Chateau Elan has a few courses that are in good condition. They are not my favorite but you can usually find surprisingly good rates and make a day out of the winery/pub.

I’d love some other suggestions based on my list.


Wolf Creek is a personal fave. Only one or two fairway bunkers on the entire course, so it’s super playable off the tee and then fun for second shots. Always in pretty good shape (esp the greens), pace is typically solid and you can’t beat the price. Hidden gem!


And as an added bonus, one of the few Atlanta courses that carries Warrior Custom Golf gear


Which is exactly what I think about when I hear CPG dropping all those random off-brands in his jokes… I think “when is going to reference the Warrior golf gear I’ve only seen at Wolf Creek?”


The pro shop there is about as good as it gets. Only carries the essentials!

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Hidden gems with some qualifiers.

My favorites for a high ration of fun/cost that are very unpretentious. All three have grass ranges if you like that stuff.

  • Browns Mill: Do not play it within 4-7 days of rain. It is a sponge. Fun layout. I have not played this since it was turned over from American Golf to the City of Atlanta.
  • Mystery Valley: This was my regular course before I joined a club. Fun and challenging. #15 is torture.
  • Charlie Yates: Only 9 now, back nine - RIP. Cheap, fun, quick to play especially in the winter when the days are shorter.

Both big courses are around $40 max and all are walkable if you like.