ATL Southern SweatOut - Aug 22 - Fields GC - CANCELLED

Like the marshmallow bunnies?

Weird flex but ok.


In. Also interested in a Sunday morning round. My flight out will be in the early evening.

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What’s your favorite flavor? I’ll make sure to accommodate

I almost cried when they closed west economy. Was the best lot by far.
Also, signed up and can’t wait. Love the idea of the charter bus from the city. Removing the potential of needing a night away from home makes it a much easier sell with the wife.


DAMMIT! I want to be there but I’ll be volunteering at East Lake that week. Sorry bout it boys. Ill see yall at the NIT qualifier at Sweetens though


Get the peeps invovled regardless! Share the link. Get them on the refuge.

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All good. If you’ve got free time Friday or Saturday night, come hang.

I’ll be making my down for this one.


Any word on this? I’ve just been operating under the assumption that it is for construction. Been parking top deck south daily as it’s the closest to clear and tends to have plenty of open spots on Monday morning. Wife works at Delta HQ and she hasn’t been able to turn up anything, although, that’s making the assumption she’s trying…

Looks like the original plan was to build a hotel, but now they are doing a parking deck.
From 2016:
More recent:
If that parking deck plan is to be believed, parking will continue to be a mess for years.

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We should try to have a happy hour at Wild Leap Brew either the night before/after the event… They have some of the best stuff coming out of GA right now. I’m sure they would be accommodating for a large group.


What will be interesting to see is if they continue to make you drive through the South Arrivals/Departures to get to the west parking, which was ironically one of the protecting factors to its hidden gem status.

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@tedscott I’m in


is this the gui who can play golf

@Olliepop can probably beat us playing leftie or rightie, yes.

“this gui is good”


this looks non bad.

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have seen in person, played golf with, can confirm, “non bad”.

Fuq sorry man I forgot you. Carpool baby!!


@holeout I haven’t seen you in here yet