AT&T Byron Nelson: RIP to Trinity Forest

I’ll never claim to know if there were issues we couldn’t know about with logistics or whatever.

[loudest Stephen A voice] HOWEVER!

…fuck this shit

Here’s the link to the article(s) as well:


I didn’t have the chance to watch out at Trinity Forest but it was pretty miserable from a spectator point of view from what I hear. I’ve gone to about 10 Nelson’s when it was in Las Colinas and it was always hot as balls. I imagine it was not fun watching on a course with no shade.

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I want to be reasonable about those concerns and the charitable revenue issues because the well being of people will always be more important than a dumb sport.

But aside from those areas a bit, I think this stinks of the tour perhaps not having the patience to find a solution for something different than what they and their members are used to. It feels like it was smothered before it had much of a chance to establish itself. TPC Louisiana gets delayed all the time and they may never leave there, ha


wow it’s almost as if “woke” architecture isn’t the best way to #GrowtheGame to casual fans


This sets a disappointing precedent for going away from the width and angles of “links” to more of the boring driver around the dogleg, wedge and rip spin to the green surrounded by pearly white fluffy bunkers and rough that stops balls within 5 ft of the green. Smh

The Nelson has been the largest social event of the year in Dallas for years. 90% of the people who attended weren’t there for the golf


It’s almost as if the Tour’s traditional video setup does really poorly with #width and #angles


I think that’s the larger issue. The tour/GC doesn’t know how to capture it and throws it under the bus using the guise of “attendance”. TV/sponsorship money is all that matters anyway (in their eyes).

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Honestly though, no one gives a shit about width and angles. “Woke” golfers are such a small piece of the viewing audience. Every minute they spend explaining width and angles to the casual fan would be a minute wasted not showing golf, which they already take plenty of shit for.


Why is this course harder to televise than others?

I - as a “woke” golfer - would love TF. Does that make it good for TV / Tour / entertainment? Not necessarily (and in this case no).

@bmr21 something about 100+ yard wide fairways.

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It’s a real shame for the loyal Tour fans in Dallas that our event is basically deteriorating to an opposite field-level event now. Hopefully Colonial continues to attract strong fields like last year. Otherwise our only option will be to drive to Austin for the WGC.


Why is that harder to televise?

Because players “hit every fairway” and the viewer doesn’t have any additional information about the “success” of the tee shot. Left fairway may be totally dead on approach, but looks the same as the right fairway.

When a player “misses” a fairway, you know it was probably a “bad” shot.

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So it’s not the technical act of televising that is difficult, it’s conveying the context of the shots and telling the story. Sounds like laziness more than difficulty.


I kind of agree that it wouldn’t energize casuals as much as the sickos, but you can’t know for sure unless you try and explain it. You wouldn’t have to go crazy in depth, but some explanation might clue people in to “oh he pulled that shot off, now he’ll be able to throw a dart at the green,” which maybe would be fun? I’m not sure. I remember Brad Faxon at the US Women’s Open explaining the redan hole as an example. It fired up the sickos and potentially could have made viewing a little more interesting for the others.

I also think it’d be cool if they could explain why this unique course is different than the ones they usually play. If a Brooks plays this course well, that should speak more to his capabilities more than see spot, hit spot. I think they pulled the plug too quick

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I would totally agree. A simple contour map of the green, say, showing right-to-left slope, would explain pretty quickly why coming in from the left is better than coming in from the right.

The Open frequently does a fantastic job with this type of pre-coverage so it is very possible. There was a video series last year where one of their pundits walked around throwing golf balls and letting the ground contours just take them for a ride. It was riveting. Ball went as far as 40 yards, around greens, off greens, sucked into bunkers.


Don’t forget that the Tour in its infinite wit and wisdom moved the Players to March and convinced the PGA to move their major to May so the Fedex Cup could go to August.

The domino effect resulted in the 2 DFW events getting split up on either side of the PGA Championship instead of back-to-back weeks. That hurt the fields of both DFW events because few top players want to play directly before or after a major (esp after). They had 2 tournaments within 30 miles of one another and said “yeah, let’s plug a major in between them” instead of figuring out a way to keep them in consecutive weeks. I will never understand that.


I can think of tens (if not hundreds) of millions of reasons why

Selling out sucks.


It will make sense in 2032 when the PGA decides to play their major every year at their HQ in Frisco, TX. But not now.