Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


Hell yeah. Happy you found us.


New, more polished BCN logo. Huge shout out to @RLSIII for helping on this (and tons of other stuff you guys will see shortly).


Sick. Disgusting. Gross. Might be too good. Love the width and angles here. It gives you options. If you have two logos, you don’t have one.

Did I cover everything?


We need help. @RLSIII hooked us up with some logo tweaks and mock ups for hats. Keep in mind these aren’t necessarily the type of hats we are going to get (will be doing a variety of imperial hats).

Gimme dat barn:

Circle style design:

  • Gimme dat barn
  • Circle style design

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What about tour visors? (Please excuse the poor/rushed PS job.)


They are on the list! Right now we are looking at getting 24 Tour visors, 24 buckets, (yes there will be XL’s), 48 of imperials performance cap, 24 more of a flat bill style, and 24 rope style.

Not totally #dialed yet, but in general that is what we are looking to do.


how did the min order thing work out? they let you get a variety of styles for the 75 min?


72 minimum to get wholesale prices, 24 pieces per logo (has to be embroidered and not patch style), 12 pieces per color, per style.


Mark me down for one tour visor!


I’ll take one of each. Please and Thank You.


this just makes it all seem so much more real now, heh


Humbly request the simple SGB logo at the top of the barn for a future order. Love what you’ve done thus far. All in.


We haven’t pulled the trig yet. Need your guys advice to make sure we are making the right decision.

So you are saying you like the barn logo style, but want to have the SGB like the official BCN logo I posted above the hats?


In my opinion, I feel like the barn logo is just too big and loud for a hat. The smaller circular logo is much more elegant and subtle

I also wonder if it would be better for you guys to take pre-orders or something before pulling the trigger.

There’s a lot of good feeling on here, but this is still the internet, and people can flake out. I don’t want to see you guys out of pocket a bunch if people don’t pony up. This happened to a guy on the golf subreddit that got a TON of interest in some custom headcovers. He ended up stuck with 50 custom leather headcovers.


Thanks for the good vibes!

If we have to hold onto them until the summer or whatever, so be it. Hopefully we don’t run into the same problem as custom head cover guy. I think we are willing to take the leap of faith that the membership is down for a hat. However, we aren’t ignorant to the fact that they have to be sick and worth buying even if you don’t know what BCN is yet. That’s why I lean on y’all so hard for opinions!


Well frankly I like all of them but between the barn logo and the BCN logo I prefer the BCN logo.

But I also think (and I think we’re on the same page based on your reply) the SGB logo could be pretty sweet either in a circle logo or just the lettering. See the below Sweetens Cove hat for an idea of what I’m talking about - obviously wouldn’t be exactly the same style but hopefully the picture explains it better than I can with words).


at the very least, I will bug the dozen or so guys on my RADCDG whatsapp group to buy



For sure. Want to do the SGB logo on some white buckets, a few visors, and potentially even on some performance caps. Glad someone is speaking up for the SGB logo. We weren’t sure if people liked that one or just loved the barn.