Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


This is sick.

Anyone else have pics of where they are slapping their BCN/SGB stickers?


I’m thinking base of my golf bag. Will be pretty visible when carrying the bag. I’ve got my home club logo on the big side pocket, and need to add my national club to represent. :grin: Will add photo when I have a chance.


How many logos should you have on your golf bag (excluding headcovers, of course)?


As many as you can fit.


I like to use “slick” as often as possible in my everyday conversation.


Because I work with a lot of millenials, I am thinking my work laptop. They love to cover their laptops in stickers of bands no one has ever heard of, so I am pretty sure a golf course in KC which is still a work in progress would top them all. I am just gonna hold off until I get my upgrade, because I would hate to waste a perfectly good sticker.


Since I’m sure everyone here needs more ways to not focus on work, here is something to fill that space. We have been in bed with Big BI and Analytics. Check out this tableau map of BCN members across the world:!/vizhome/shared/F37JZTR5N


I will have it on my ClicGear along with my Golfers Journal sticker by Saturday - will be sure to post a picture!


@scuff heard about those bands before anyone else did. Right Scuff?


West Coast = anti-woke


Surprisingly anti woke on the west coast. The Aussies are catching wind to it and making a strong push the last week. Yesterday had a woke member from South Africa sign up which was super cool. Coincidence international members are from the UK, South Africa, and Australia? I think not.


Sorry, could you please explain to me who is not woke and why they are not woke?


Haha I think he was pointing out how few members there are from the west coast in comparison the the east coast.


No pic at the moment but mine is on the Yeti cooler. Thought about the laptop but tech gets replaced often. The Yeti is gonna be around for a long time.


Love this. BCN and coolers (beer) go hand in hand.


The BCN crew has probably already considered this, but with all that lumber being felled on a regular basis, maybe it calls for a foray into the woodworking world? Benches and stanchion markers made on premises, maybe?


great idea. When I retire, I’m definitely making furniture


just imagine … yelling at teenagers from a rocking chair that YOU made … that’s the life.


Just found this and wanted to reiterate how cool it is and I can’t wait to see the final product.


Yes. We have considered this. On the look out for a good wood stamp. Want to burn the barn logo into some wood from BCN to make coasters. Will for sure use BCN wood in some way for tee markers.

Not sure if anyone remembers, but we are using milled boards from a black walnut we fell to build bridges across the creek. Actually just found old crane parts way deep in the woods on Darren’s land. We will use these metal parts as beams to reach across the creek and cover with the black maple boards we had made.