Arizona stag trip


One of my best friends is getting married in December. Our other best friend, and one final friend of the groom are gathering in Glendale, AZ this November for a Stag weekend. The four of us are there for pure golf. Could care less about night life. We will be playing some sick courses (obviously playing some Wolf Hammer), grilling out, and just spending some dude time.

The 4 of us are all pretty decent sticks. We can still slap it around. Former college players (all + handicaps, and the groom has won some tournaments on the mini tour)

For those of you who’ve planned some buddies trips, what are some must do’s (and donts), and any other tips for the trip. Cameras on the course? Document the weekend? Music on course? Top Golf?

So far we plan to play at Arrowhead CC on day, Tpc Scottsdale and Greyhawk Raptor in the same day, and end with Ak Chin Southern Dunes. (A quick but sick 3 day trip).

Any must hit up restaurants? Mostly planned to just grill at night, maybe sit by the pool and have a brew or two (that is if we can make it up past 9pm). Lol

Let me know your thoughts.


Play 36 at Ak Chin if you have the time, such a great track and it takes several rounds to start appreciating the different ways to play it. Pace of play there should be pretty good too.


Nightlife in Scottsdale is pretty wild. I know you said you didn’t care for it but just wanted to throw it out there in case you all get the hankering for a night out.

Sounds like some sweet courses, been wanting to play Greyhawk. Played TPC in March, fun round. Favorite was Wekopa, played both courses and loved them.


Agreed - just did my bachelor party last year in Scottsdale… nightlife was insane and we still all made it to our tee times to have some fun.


All above suggestions are great. November in Phoenix a lot of fun. If you’re staying in Glendale you’re going to be in a bit of a culinary deadzone but when you head to TPC and Grayhawk you’ll be right in North Scottsdale. The Kierland/Scottsdale Quarter districts are about a mile south of TPC and have loads of good restaurants. I’d highlight Postino and North Italian. A little further south is a Mexican place called La Fonda Del Sol if you’re so inclined. All that said, Isabella’s Kitchen is basically on the range of the Raptor Course at Grayhawk - they’ve got a great patio and margaritas.

Feel free to DM when you’re in town if you have any questions.


Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely enjoy a good meal and drink! Appreciate it!


I don’t know how Arrowhead CC made it’s way into your rotation, maybe you’re staying on the course (you say you’re staying in Glendale), or someone lives there or something. It’s not a good track. Surrounded by homes and nothing to write home about. In the west Valley you have better options like Vistancia (closer), Quintero (not a personal favorite, but good for a one and done), or Wickenburg Ranch.


Would agree that there aren’t too many “musts” for food, especially in the area where you are staying, and if you have the option of just grilling and drinking that’s pretty great. Isabella’s at Grayhawk is legit, though, if you are playing that in the PM, however.


Appreciate the input @matthew823

Yea the buddy we are staying with to save costs on lodging lives there and is a member at ACC. He agrees it isn’t next level. But the course was just purchased and they have done a lot of renovation thus far. Will be fun to just play a round and at least give him one chance to beat us, right? Haha.