Hi guys, my name is Felipe and i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m 25 yo and i’ve been obsessed with this sport (lifestyle?) since ever.

I just wanted to put myselfe out there for anyone who could be comming to Argentina on vacations or something to reach me out for some golf or even if you need any recommendation (i worked some time in the N° 1 golf related travel agency in Latin America).
Argentina is huge, we have some really good courses (and golfers), so, feel free to contact me.



I will definitely bear that in mind. I love golfing in out of the ordinary places around the world and always take my clubs on trips with me. I have some friends in BA so been planning a trip for a while… :slight_smile:

BIG shout out to Argentina, parents lived in Buenos Aires for five years. Nothing but great things to say about my time down there. Will definitely reach out if I get down there any time soon!

Exhibit Number Infinity of how The Refuge is so cool. @pipelanus posted this over a year ago. I pinged him ahead of my trip to Argentina with my wife, he immediately responded, and gave us a ton of awesome golf and non-golf advice for both Buenos Aires and Patagonia. Our schedules didn’t align to play a round together, but he got me in touch with a company that got me on at Jockey Club (writeup pending) and most importantly, he met my wife and I for a beer and a burger on our last night in BA. Nothing much cooler than shooting the shit about NLU and shared golf obsessions (and shared awkwardness of explaining these random meetups to friends) with someone you just met who lives on the other side of the world.

@pipelanus is an all around great gui and I highly recommend anyone traveling to Argentina to shoot him a message before you go.

Felipe, don’t be a stranger around here and make sure you let us know when you get that job placement in Calgary or travel to the US and the British Isles. You’ll get the same warm welcome you gave us.



Hahah meeting a fellow NLUper from the other side of the world here in BA was one of a kind experience. You made me a little emotional with you kind words Kyle hahah, you are the best.

Glad you had a great time and more than pleased to meet you and your wife. I really hope our paths cross again to talk about this ADDICTION that golf is and share a round down in Dallas (fingers crossed) next year.

If any other NLU friend (because if you guys are in here, we share the same crazy ass obsession for this cursed sport) is visiting Argentina, you can count on me for recommendations, hook ups with courses around BA to play or even non-golf advices on places to go to eat, how to move around the city, etc.