Arcadia and Traverse City: Golf trip comments

Wanted a feel from folks that know this area and courses. Considering this trip Summer 2021 and general itinerary for my 8 man trip (most flying). Please comment on itinerary, stay, course lineup, etc. Definitely want Arcadia Bluffs and Arcadia Bluffs South but open on Traverse City area.

  • FLY in thurs, drive down to Arcadia

  • STAY Arcadia 3 nights Thur-Sun (Arcadia cottages seem amazing or airbnb/vrbo?)

  • PLAY Arcadia South Fri

  • PLAY Arcadia Bluffs Sat

  • Travel, PLAY Traverse City The Bear Sun, fly out late afternoon)

Why not 36 holes on Friday at least?

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potentially. Gotta play to the group. I could see 27 fri/sat.

Absolutely worth doing 36 on the Bluffs.

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Not necessarily recommending it, but you could stay at the casino in manistee. Some people might prefer that on a guys trip. More food and drink options in that area. Or you could go the other route and do a sleeping bear cabin.

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Every time I’ve been to Arcadia it’s a 5+ hour round. Awesome scenery but strap in for a long day if you’re doing 36…

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So I have heard and definitely will play into decisions. Thanks.

Just stay at Turtle Creek Casino. You’ll have way more fun there than anywhere else.

For a guys trip there’s not much to do right around Arcadia other than the golf.

Edit: Sorry, forgot how far Arcadia was from Traverse City. Still, post up at Turtle Creek and maybe spend your last night at Arcadia.


If you do this, go in knowing you can still smoke inside casinos. I always forget this and am shocked when I walk in.

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If you want to see Leelaneau Peninsula, get steep on some high quality wines (too many good ones to pick) and beers you should hit up the Northport Creek Golf Course. My dad and I had a blast there last year playing a cheap and fun 9 holes. We then went Mitten Brewing Company in town and went back after a dinner and drinks for another 6 hole loop.

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Great to know and this group could be in for these types of excursions!

If you’re into hiking, you should plan a quick hike through Old Baldy. It is pretty close to Arcadia.

If you have time on the Leelanau Peninsula, you need to stop in at Hop Lot for a few pints.

Golf wise, you could try and sneak in a round at Manitou Passage.


2nd for Hop Lot. They may actually be using their winter “igloos” as a way to social distance right now.

Amazing brews and outdoor area.

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Manitou is solid. Having played The Bear a bunch I would honestly rather give Champion Hill a shot over it.

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@SpartanButters Thanks for the info! Good to know on traverse city are.

@AyZiggyZoomba thanks on Hop lot. Will see. Hopefully summer 2021 is normal…with no covid.

I’ve never played The Bear but most of my friends say The Wolverine (which I really enjoyed!) is way better.

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Very cool! I figured it made sense to be near traverse city airport for pm flight.

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Looking at doing something similar but this summer. Arcadia as well as forest dunes Roscommon and the Loop which sounds like a sick concept.

Michigan seems to have a great group of courses. Lochenheath is also a possibility.


Aye that sounds like a great line up.

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