Apartment Life in the Time of COVID-19

I’ve run into a problem where I have too much golf stuff to simply pile it all in my closet, and I no longer have a car to be the permanent holding area for my shoes/rain gear/etc.

So, fellow Refugees, where the hell do you keep your stuff? Is it possible to have golf gear out in the open without looking like a total ass?

This thread is mostly for my fellow golf sickos living that #ApartmentLife, but anybody with elegant golf storage solutions is encouraged to chime in.


While i dont live in an apartment, the bridal unit says I have to tuck all my stuff where it cant be seen. I’ve thought about this
dresses the room up nicely

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False. Anyone that tries to convince you otherwise is a liar.


You’re right. What I should say is that I have an amount of golf stuff that makes it so that I can no longer physically hide my obsession the way that I hid stolen playboys under my mattress when I was 12.

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Right now it’s a delicate balance between keeping gamers + things I MIGHT use in the trunk of my car, and everything else in my bedroom closet. Thankfully, it’s a decent sized walk-in so there’s enough space to slide a spare set of irons, some shoes, my huge a$$ bag of tees, and other crap in one corner.

Golf gear in the open only applies to shoes right now…

If I can store two kayaks and a bunch of fishing gear in my 800 sq. ft. apartment when I lived in Florida, you should be able to find a place to store your golf stuff.

Oh, and I did, so you should. :slight_smile:

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I have a storage unit a stone’s throw away from my place. But that’s where fishing/camping gear goes. Clubs (1 set) stay in a corner, putting matt under my bed. Maybe look at some storage for underneath the bed? Might also need risers depending on what type of frame you have. I also don’t t have that much golf gear to begin with.

How long does everyone keep clubs in their car? I’m sure I’ve gone more than 365 days at a time.


I keep my clubs and bag in the corner of the sunroom like an art piece; I think they are beautiful. All mats and trainers in a box under the bed. I also try to apply Marie Kondo’s principals of clutter and organization to all my golf gear so i don’t have extra stuff that I don’t use. Hard to do since everything golf brings me joy.


At least 5 days a week. Probably need to start bringing them inside for the majority of the week with the colder temps, but it just feels like a waste of energy.

Hang your rain gear in the closet and grab as needed. Clubs in corner, shoes under bed etc.

I bought a 70s Hogan staff bag that is in the corner of the living room to house extra putters etc.


Who needs a bedroom really?

everyday from ~ May 1st to ~ November 1st

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Look at all you fancy people that can store your clubs in your cars without fear of them getting broken into.


Mine are old enough that if someone took them they’d almost be doing me a favor. Once I upgrade the days of leaving them in the vehicle will be done.

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I live in an apartment and keep my stuff just out in the open almost like part of the decor. Stand them up along my couch next to my bike. Part of urban living IMO.

The biggest thing for me in an apartment, though, has been getting bed risers. If I wanted to I could fit my clubs under my bed now, but I use it for almost everything because my place only has a clothing closet, nothing else. Get a big tote, label it “GOLF” and slide it under your bed.

Apartment Boys,

Now truly is the winter of our discontent. What’s your plan to stay sane during lockdown?

Has anyone else started thinking of ways to practice more than just chipping and putting in relatively small apartments?


Thinking about getting a net - spent the weekend social distancing in my parents basement where my dad has this set up in storage.

My apartment is entry in an outdoor hallway. Think I could set this up in the hall without my neighbors getting too pissed.


I think I’d be worried about shanking one right into the wall haha. Maybe a net and some wiffle balls/birdie balls?

There’s a park a short distance from my apartment I could walk to. Unfortunately

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