Anyone else enjoy playing classic equipment?


Wouldn’t necessarily say super old and classic, but I’m still playing Mizuno MP-32’s and a Scotty Cameron Studio Style both from 2004.


Shout out the MP32s - also still in my bag, along with MX23 4 and 3 irons.


Those are most definitely modern.


A few things I’ll add.

There are two conversations here: playing old clubs, and playing modern hickorys.

  1. I’ve got old clubs. Clubs from the 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Old persimmons, even older woods, and some old metals. I’ve swung a couple old hickories at tourneys before. These are all VERY hard to play with. Yes, the newer you get, the easier it is to play. That said, on the screws still feels like on the screws.
  2. At the Ringer, I played Louisville Golf hickories. THIS IS NOT THE SAME. Those felt like butter. Loved it. Yes, mishits are worse, but there was no fear of “oh my god I’m going to break this club” and frankly, it changed my opinion completely. I ordered a starter set (about a grand, less the 20% off on Black Friday) of driver, 4 irons, and a putter. These are frequency matched stiff shafts.

I’m a fan. Big one. And I’m pretty sure I’m lining up a tourney in Minneapolis next year. Whoever plays will meet at a bar the day before, have a beer, and go find the clubs you’re going to play with at whatever locale you can (Play it again, garage sales, whatever) - they have to be at least 25+ yrs old, and you can’t spend more than $100 on the whole set. Then we play a tourney.


You’ve got to give strokes to people with the oldest clubs, don’t ya think? Voted best set has to win something.


both are great ideas…love it. It just came to me a week ago, so I’ll be trying to think of stuff like this, for sure. I think I’m going to try and do it at Keller Golf Club, in St Paul, which hosted many a PGA event, back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.


Love this idea.

Personally haven’t gotten into the old clubs myself as the game is already hard enough, but I can see the interest and could see myself going there particularly if it was with a regular group.

But I love the idea of a one off garage sale tournament, that sounds like a riot.

I’m kicking myself as my mom whipped out a couple boxes of Titleist Wound 90 golf balls a year or so ago that I told her I wasn’t interested in. I’ll have to see if she still has them or if she put them in play because at 67, and really her entire life, she’s always thought a ball is just a ball. She’s typically playing ProV’s stamped with the name of the law firm she’s at or whatever she found in the woods.


I regularly play rounds with my go to vintage set which consists of 1978 Hogan Apex Medallion Irons 1-Equalizer and two Hogan Persimmons. These always end up being the most fun i have out there on the course. The different shots you have to hit and being in different spots than what you are used to really make you appreciate both the equipment and the course so much more. Tempo is definitely key.

I also have a hodge podge of hickory clubs, the putter in my hickory set might just be the best i have ever used and its almost 100 years old. For those who also have the fever and the only cure is more hickory, but dont know where to start when building a set this is a great resource on where to begin. The seller stixnstuff (Bob) on ebay has never steered me wrong and is more than helpful and willing to go above and beyond to get you set up. He clearly lists all specifications on all of his clubs and if they are for display or playing, and is just a great resource in general.

If you want to go modern hickory or persimmon Louisville Golf is so so nice (I’m very very jealous @GRWhitehead ) I haven’t take the plunge yet on their hickory, but really want to. Tad Moore also produces some fantastic modern hickory and persimmons as well.


Another vote for stixnstuff on eBay. He has been a great help to me. Really knowledgeable and passionate about the game and only too pleased to assist. I’ve bought from him several times and always been very pleased. Range, price, description of club condition and freight all spot on. He is the best.


Cool Instagram account to follow.


I keep a set up Hogan Apex PC blades in a moon bag and love taking them out for a spin for the exact reasons you’ve described. Definitely can help groove/hone in your swing and tempo.