Anthony Kim, We Miss You

Seems like a yearly thing for me when Augusta starts to creep around the corner to go down the foxhole of AK comeback stories to no avail.

That '09 second round still gives me the vibes that someone can produce magic in an unreal way around AGNC.

I know this seems the usual, but anyone know what he’s up to? Sucks we will likely never see him in action again.


Strip clubs and start ups? I prob wouldn’t play if I was guaranteed 20 Mill to stay hurt…

Given the prize pool and his talent level, he would have made well over $20mm playing the game. In a sense, when he took that insurance check, he laid up

nothing impactful to share as of yet, but will keep the refuge updated on my teams findings as they develop


Met a Tennis pro three weeks ago who claimed to have roomed with Anthony Kim’s swing coach back in college. Apparently they have stayed in contact. I asked him if he had any insight as to where AK is at and he said he knew but couldn’t tell me. He then said something along the lines of: “let’s just say he has some mental challenges going on right now.”

Unsure if this is totally fake/old news or what, but figured I would share.

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Shipnuck did a podcast with Kevin Na not too long ago who talked about running into A.K. in Vegas. Na said that he seemed a little out of it, and it was likely from some of the fine things that can get you in trouble in Vegas.

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All you need to ask yourself if it was me what would I do?

I would take the $$$$

Talent wise, he most likely would have gotten to the injury money total, especially with Tiger’s falling.

However, the injury puts a cap on the money he could have earned. Reading about his lifestyle, feels like that sort of cash could disappear pretty quickly.

Wish him all the best. Or just wait 18 years to see him rip up the Champions Tour with Langer

Idk, if you consider all the costs of being on Tour and the taxes, etc he prob would have to make like 35 mil+ to clear that 20 mil mark, putting him in the top 15 or so in career money. With his talent it’s possible he could have been up there but who knows…

Agreed. Just figured with the lapse of Tiger, golf would have needed some new faces and the amount of money in endorsement deals was a bonanza. Either way, it just seems like it’s going to end up being another “what could have been” athlete stories.

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I remember this story so I guess he is putting that 10 million to good use!



Breaking News:


@Kelch beat me to it. this is not a drill people


comeback szn

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AK trying to come out here and relegate Big Cat to “Second Greatest Comeback” status.



unfortunately people are saying this video is 18 months old

So you’re saying he’s basically ready to come back? They’re going to Tanya Harding Bubba off the Ryder Cup team and send a jet for AK?


Sad if true. But even if the video is recent, it’s unlikely we ever see AK on Tour again. He’s now 33 and hasn’t played any level of competitive golf (supposedly) since 2012. Not a recipe for keeping the swing tight.

the video has already been removed… what a tease…a long, multi year tease.